Why companies are using AI Copywriting?

Let’s pretend the answer isn’t clear and list the key benefits of generative AI that motivate founders to use smart technology in their marketing.

Save time and money

Immerse yourself in the topic, find references, collect keys, write / rewrite / edit / correct the text, make sure that it is well optimized and … make the edits again countless times. In general, copywriters take longer to create text content than AIs. What to say about designers.

The costs of content production, salaries for marketers and creatives, additional software and employee training are also being reduced. What is not a worthy argument?

Quality content

AI delivers a quality end product, and here’s why:

• The influence of the human factor is minimized. There is no “forgot”, “stuck in”, “sealed up”, etc.

• The driver is not intuition, but real facts and careful analysis of data. No prefixes in the spirit of “maybe it will shoot”.

• AI is constantly improving: regularly “training” the algorithms, you end up with content that most closely matches the original request (if it does not exceed expectations).


Routine is the enemy of creativity (where is the “Quotes of Great AI Copywriter” public?). The more boring and monotonous tasks, the less time, effort, motivation and budget for the implementation of creative ideas. AI helps to automate mechanical work as much as possible and leave time for solving priority tasks that require human participation (at least for now).


“Mass marketing” is in the past. In 2021, customers are demanding a personal touch, and brands are forced to focus on meticulous segmentation and personalization. AI helps both to collect a hyper-targeted audience and create a personalized and relevant offer for each micro-segment.


Generative AI – Power. Its abilities can be feared, its advantages can be disputed, but it is impossible to stay afloat in the digital age ignoring the March revolution. Better to join. And even lead.


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