Before we begin, it is important to clarify something very important. Not all digital marketers have the same set of requirements for their laptop. Their laptop requirements will differ depending on the kind of role that they are playing within the marketing team. Let’s get started here.

Different Roles in Marketing May Necessitate Different Hardware Configurations

If we take the example of a scenario where a marketer is in charge of producing, editing, and publishing a video ad on social media, their laptop should have a CPU that can support at least FHD and preferably QHD video editing. This is owing to the fact that almost all video editing and rendering tasks are primarily dependent on the central processing unit’s (CPU’s) power.

Similarly, if someone in the social media marketing team is creating posts with a 3D graphic designer, the laptop should have a GPU that can handle ultra-high-definition photo editing, the creation of animated graphics, and more. It should be noted that the CPU plays a big role here as well, but the GPU will take over where graphics and animation are involved.

These two examples are far from the only ones, but they are still sufficient to show how and why your laptop choice should differ, depending on the role you are playing in the marketing team. However, there are a few universal requirements as well, such as a clear, high resolution, vivid, and bright display.

Are there Laptops that Can Handle All Requirements of a Digital Marketing Professional?

There are quite a few models available today which can fulfil all the practical needs of a digital marketing professional. In fact, if the Lenovo gaming CPU deals are still on, you should be able to get one of those at a high discount.

The phrase ‘gaming CPU deals’ may suggest that the deals are only on desktop CPUs, but rest assured that the sale also includes several extremely powerful laptops as well. Also, a gaming laptop which combines NVIDIA’s RTX 3070 (8GB) GPU, Intel’s 11th Gen Core-i7-11800H CPU, and 16GB of DDR4 RAM can run rings around any possible task that a digital marketing job might require.

Focus on the Internals

Professionals in need of handling serious, CPU-GPU intensive work on their laptop should not focus on the computer’s looks. It would be nice if the laptop looked as posh as it sounds on the spec sheet, but that should not be a priority when your budget is stretched. If you do not have the budget necessary, then you will want to focus on getting as much power under the hood as you can.

We can sacrifice on display quality if the laptop has a powerful spec sheet. External displays are not portable, but they are cheaper, bigger, brighter, and more vivid. As far as buying computers is concerned, it is one of those rare instances where what’s inside really does matter a lot more than how it looks from the outside!

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