What Makes Vape Mods And Pod Mods Different? 

The popularity of vaping is on the rise, and the market is expanding. A significant reason for this surge is the advances in technology, resulting in the evolution of devices themselves. This evolution has allowed users to turn toward vaping as the most effective way to consume nicotine.  

Vaping encompasses electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), such as vape tanks, pends, pods, and e-cigarettes, stimulating cigarettes or cigars. However, unlike the traditional nicotine delivery systems (TNDS), vape devices rely on aerosolized vapor instead of smoke. These devices incorporate a liquid base and heating element; the latter vaporizes the liquid, allowing users to inhale the liquid without involving combustion or smoke. 

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While vaping devices are available in different strengths, shapes, and sizes, they all work on the common heating mechanism. In addition, vape devices are usually categorized under two types, vape mods and pod mods, based on their style and application. These devices have notable differences that most vape users, especially the new ones, find it tough to identify. 

The following part contains few pronounced differences between a vape mod and pod mod to help you purchase the right vape device. 

  1. Each Device Has Its Own Applications 

Vape pods are the latest trend in the vape industry, and there are various reasons for their ever-increasing popularity. They are sleek, stylish, and compact devices that use sub-ohm technology on low power and temperature levels. Moreover, these pods handle liquids with higher nicotine concentrations, making them ideal for users looking to switch from smoking to vaping. 

Conversely, vape mods are modified vape devices that leverage advanced sub-ohm technology to deliver more power and control to the users. In addition, these mods house a chipset and other intelligent features, allowing vapers to customize their vape session and enhance the vape experience.  

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Vape mods are ideal for users who love to control the cloud density without nicotine intake. They also come with multiple safety protection and power output modes for optimum performance.  

Vape mods and pods are readily available in the market, but ensure you always  buy vape mods at cheap rates them from a trusted online vape shop. This will guarantee high-quality vape devices from leading brands, thus delivering a safe, cloud-rich vaping experience.   

  1. Vape Mods are More Affordable and Cost-Effective 

Vape pods bind the design and features of basic e-cigarettes and advanced vape mods. While these devices are portable, cheap, and easier to set up, they offer a limited power or battery life. Moreover, a vape mod’s sleek and lighter size makes it ideal for discreet traveling.  

Having said that, most vape pods come with pre-filled liquid and are non-refillable. This is a significant disadvantage as you can only vape e-liquids that are compatible with your pod system.  

On the other hand, vape mods carry a complex structure with advanced chipsets for temperature and voltage control, making them costlier than pods. In addition, as these devices are built to deliver high performance and vapor, they are likely to soak more e-liquid than vape pods and require frequent coil replacement. However, vape mods contain a large tank that is refillable with all vape juices, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendlier option in the long term. 

  1. Each Device Type Has a Unique Inhalation Style 

Vape pods follow the traditional mouth-to-lung (MTL) inhalation style. Their mouthpiece consists of a small, narrow inlet, similar to cigarettes, for tighter airflow. In addition, pods carry smaller coils compared to the vape mods and deliver a better throat hit, which stimulates a vape experience similar to TDNS.  

Furthermore, vape pods are designed to produce less vapor, allowing users to vape more discretely. 

Vape mods, however, follow the direct-to-lung (DL) or “sub-ohm” inhaling style, which is synonymous with thicker cloud production. This technique involves drawing the vapor directly into the lungs, similar to breathing. Moreover, DL-based vape mods carry low-resistance coils (below 1 ohm), providing a higher temperature for the coils to heat e-liquid and create dense vapor clouds. 

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Vape mods also allow vapers to create custom vaping styles that aren’t possible with vape pods. 

  1. They Support Different Types of Vape Juices 

Your vape device also impacts the types of e-liquids you can vape. Most vape pods are MTL devices, so you cannot vape e-liquids with high vegetable glycerin (VG) content as they won’t produce good throat hits. In addition, vape pods produce less vapor with higher concentrations of vape juices, so you’ll need high propylene glycol (PG) content for a smoking-like sensation. 

On the other hand, vape mods aim for big hits and thicker vape clouds, so they support liquids with higher vegetable glycerin (VG) content. Ideally, your e-liquid should contain a 70VG/30PG ratio for smoother throat hits with optimum balance between flavor and clouds. 


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There are numerous reasons why people turn to vaping, the most significant one being the desire to quit TDNS. Ideally, pods are the best option for vape beginners or those switching from smoking, as they are easy to use and offer control over the nicotine strength. Conversely, vape mods are designed for experienced vapers looking to customize their vaping experience, including cloud chasing and flavor production. Ensure to choose a device that suits your vaping preferences. 

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