What is industrial cleaning?

industrial cleaning

Any company manager or employer should know how important it is to carry out an industrial cleaning to preserve hygiene in the facilities and that the health of the workers is not affected. In addition, with this professional service they will also be able to keep all the products stored in the factory or warehouse in perfect condition.

This article will explain what industrial cleaning consists of and why it is advisable to hire a professional company to do it.

What is industrial cleaning?

Cleaning in industries is one that is carried out in any factory or warehouse regardless of the sector of the company. It can include various services depending on whether the business is pharmaceutical, fishing, metallurgical or automotive, among many others. The objective is to maintain hygiene in the work area with periodic maintenance and to thoroughly clean, in harmony with the sector, the machines in the production lines, ceilings, walls, refrigerators, bathrooms, garages and ventilation ducts, for example.

In addition, this specialized service includes the work of removing dirt from windows and pipes, cleaning the end of the work when necessary, carrying out pest controls exhaustive measures to keep the facilities in optimal working conditions and even treat waste to transport it to the right place.

Advantages of betting on a company specialized in cleaning buildings and factories

Companies that invest in hiring a company specialized in cleaning industrial facilities will have a series of advantages that we will detail:

The facilities will always be orderly and in good condition to avoid penalties or fines for unexpected inspections.

  • The machinery will have a longer useful life and will improve its performance.
  • Healthiness in all products manufactured in the company.
  • Employees will work comfortably in an environment free from germs and bacteria that could lead to serious illness. This will significantly favor production.

What cleaning systems are the most used in industries?

The most effective methods for cleaning spaces where industrial production processes are carried out have their own peculiarities and are different from those used in household cleaning. Next, the different types that experts usually apply will be explained, always bearing in mind that their use will depend on the sector in which the company is dedicated:

  • The blasting can combine water or sand and chemicals to remove stubborn dirt in machines products. It is also useful only with water to clean machines or equipment that are not very large and obtain a satisfactory result.
  • Dry cleaning is used to clean interiors and exteriors to sanitize and disinfect at the same time. The little water that could fall will dry quickly so that it does not slow down the production chain, if necessary.
  • Ultrasonic devices are used to keep industrial machines in perfect condition.
  • One of the newest methods is cleaning with ozone and ionized water to disinfect and sterilize any work environment. It is a resource in high demand in hospitals due to its great effectiveness.
  • The industrial vacuums, sweepers and scrubbers are also indispensable to access large areas of land and save time on cleaning. In addition, its results are professional due to the power of these innovative and useful cleaning machines.

In conclusion, to do an industrial cleaning that avoids problems of unhealthiness and maintains the good condition of the facilities, the best solution is to use the correct machinery. For this, it is advisable to delegate responsibility to a professional cleaning company.

At Eco Fms we know perfectly the techniques and products suitable for creating healthy and productive spaces with our cleaning services. Call us and ask for a quote for your industrial warehouse!

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