Ways to Rock A Casual Midi Dress

If you can wear only one thing for the rest of your life, it needs to be a dress. They are super comfortable, versatile and the variation of online summer dresses will blow your mind!

A casual midi dress, however, is the perfect blend of style and comfort. They are not too short to worry about exposing too much or malfunctioning. This style of dress hits your mid-calf.

casual midi dress

There are literally so many varieties of midi dresses that you need to discover.

The style of these online summer dresses depends on the occasion and the season.

For instance, a floral smock dress is perfect for a picnic or a casual date—but definitely not chic for a formal occasion.

Now, to give you a clearer idea, let’s talk about how to style your midi dress.

Keep it cool with sneakers

This is by far the most popular way of wearing a midi dress (at least that’s what the Insta says!).

Everyone of us has white sneakers, and they look amazing with summer dresses.

Carry a nice satchel bag and keep the look fabulous with simple beach waves. It’s a perfect outfit for shopping, picnic, or hangouts.

Notch it up with strappy heels

For this to work, you need a nice floral printed midi dress or a lace midi dress. Choose a darker shade if the occasion is very special.

Pair the dress with nice strappy heels, a handbag, and some dainty jewellery. This is a perfect outfit for weddings, cocktails, or a special date night.

floral smock dress

Layering like a pro

Do you know the best way to turn summer online dresses more weather appropriate?

 It’s simple—layering.

For fall, when the season is a bit chilly, pair a casual midi dress with a leather jacket in a neutral tone like black, tan, etc.

It creates wonderful contrast and makes a style statement without adding many elements. Wear some bracelets and keep your hair in a ponytail.

And just like that, you are ready for a night out, a concert for any party!

For shoes, stick to belle flats or heels.

For formal occasions

You can absolutely wear midi dresses at a formal event.

The fabric, style, and shape of the dress need to be a little different. Formal midi dresses are best when bought in neutral tones or single colour.

Unlike your floral printed midi dresses, keep this one structured and fitted. Make sure your jewellery and heels match.

For instance, if you are opting for gold jewellery, wear black shoes.

summer dress online

Lady in mules

Another way to wear midi dresses as an office outfit is to pair them with mules.

They are formal than sneakers and very comfortable for those long office hours.

We prefer to keep away from breezy printed midi dresses for the office and opt for more form-fitted ones. You don’t need to worry about the dress’s length, and it looks sophisticated.

Sightseeing with flats

A quintessential vacation outfit—casual midi dress with comfy flats!

These are so perfect for a lazy day at the beach or to explore a new place. Carry a tote bag with you to keep all the necessities.

Keep your hair wavy and wear sunglasses.

Tips to consider for wearing midi dresses

There are no guidelines for fashion, but some tips help you to accentuate your look more.

So, follow these tips next time!

  • If you are short, select a length that is above your mid-calf. This will give you an illusion of long, toned legs.
  • Avoid wearing chunky heels or boots with midi dresses. It makes them look very busy in the lower half. Keep it to strappy heels and belle flats.
  • For a definition around the waist, cinch it with a belt.
  • For summers, look for lighter fabric casual midi dresses. It keeps the look stylish and comfortable.

We hope that these suggestions will encourage you to give midi dresses a try. And trust us, with the right dress, you won’t regret it!

The best thing aboutmidi dresses is that they can be worn throughout the year. They are stylish in the summer, spring, fall, so you have a dress to wear all year round.

So, look for a website like Diva Boutiques with a massive collection of these midi dresses, floral smock dresses, and other trendy online summer dresses!

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