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Soap making is a business that is flourishing quickly, and people are getting more and more attracted to handmade soaps. Moreover, to make a mark in the market as an exclusive soap brand you should go for an attractive packaging style for your product distinction.

Styles for soap packaging boxes

Multiple packaging options are available, and you can choose the one that will suit your soap size and your budget. You can select your desired packaging style and get kraft soap boxes wholesale from the packaging suppliers. Following are some of the most popular soap packaging styles that you can choose from.

Custom printed soap packaging boxes

As a brand, the best way to represent your style and taste is through the colors and prints of your packaging boxes. And you can select the print of your desire by browsing through options and get your favorite printing on the packaging box. Furthermore, to promote your brand you can even get your brand name or logo printed on the soap box. Custom soap boxes with logos are a great way to get distinctive identification as an exclusive soap brand. Vivid prints and colorful designs are a great way to entice customers to buy your product.

Plain soap packaging boxes

Plain boxes without any printing or design are also available among other packaging options. The best thing about these boxes is that you can easily customize them however you like. The most popular and convenient way of customizing plain boxes is with printed labels and stickers. You can get the bulk of the logo and product detail stickers of your choice and paste them into the packaging box. This is a very cheap yet stylish way to pack your soaps. You can experiment with the stickers and packaging easily unlike soap boxes wholesale that are already printed.

Kraft paper and kraft soap boxes wholesale

Kraft material is an eco-friendly material and Kraft soap boxes wholesale are a great way of packaging soaps. It is made from all-natural plant sources i.e., pulp from the wood of certain trees. It has a brown color that gives a natural and raw look to the custom printed soap boxes. Furthermore, kraft boxes are a great way to pack homemade soaps. You can also use brown Kraft paper to wraps your soaps and add stickers to complete the look. This packaging material is very sustainable and poses minimum harm to the environment. You can easily get plain or printed Kraft soap boxes wholesale from packaging vendors to pack your soaps.

Boxes with window cutouts

Window boxes are a packaging option that can provide you with an option to make your product visible to the customers. If you are a supplier of handmade soaps and want to flaunt your product with style, window cut boxes are the best choice for you. You can seal the window with cellophane or any other transparent plastic to cover the opening. This helps prevent dust and moisture from outside to hamper your product. Cutouts do not need to be simple, rather they can be of any shape and size to make a custom soap box packaging design.

Sleeve boxes

These are boxes of unique designs that can instantly make your box packaging unique and stylish. Sleeve boxes are two-piece packaging boxes with a lid and a bottom tray or container. The tray contains the soap, and the lid covers the tray from four slides. You can open the box by sliding off the cover to reveal your soap. This design offers an attractive look and convenience of usage to the product packaging. These kraft soap boxes wholesale are smooth and easy to use and are a great way to make your product stand out.

Pillow boxes

Pillow boxes as the name suggests have a shape similar to a pillow with tapering ends and a thick central part. This design is made by die-cutting cardboard into the characteristic shape such that when you fold the box it pops up this way. The closures are at two smaller ends and you can lift them off to remove the product from the box. Pillow boxes offer a unique shape and an eye-catching design that will be hard to ignore. Customers will go for your soap while browsing through options because of this distinctive packaging design.

Holster boxes

If you want packaging that can showcase your product in addition to giving protection, you can get a holster box. Holster boxes also known as half boxes cover the bottom half of your soap and keep the upper portion exposed. This way your customers can easily see your beautiful product and even smell it. To give your product maximum visibility as well as protection from damage you should opt for holster boxes.

Soap sleeve cover

Are you looking for a cheaper and budget-friendly way for making your soap packaging? Look no further as sleeve covers are the best solution to your problem. They are nothing but a single flap of paper or any other material that surrounds your soap in the center. These offer you the ability to mention soap names, contents, and other important information for ease of customers. Although they offer less space for including information, you can still do that along with saving a lot of money. You can use any type of material like Kraft paper, corrugated paper, or cardstock for this purpose.

Soap gift boxes

Soap gift boxes are a great way to pack a number of your special soaps in a single packaging box. This is a wonderful option if you want to send your soaps to someone for the promotion of your brand. Also, for a larger order and custom gift boxes, these kraft soap boxes wholesale are the best option. You can simply place your soaps inside them, stacked up with each other, or you can add inserts. These boxes can be of any shape like hexagon, square, or heart shape to attract customers. The inserts can be paper confetti or paper inserts that make compartments inside the box. Inserts not only look good but also give additional protection to the soaps.

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