Three Ways to keep your leather lounge last longer

Purchasing brand-new leather lounge suites are not as simple as it sounds. An adequate amount of time and effort invested into research, measurement, and sorting out materials is going to make the difference when it comes to choosing the correct lounge that will match not only your home decor but also your lifestyle. Homeowners who own leather lounges usually make these purchases with the intention back in their heads to make these last longer, at least for a decade, if not forever. So one should never forget that quality is the key to owning a suitable leather lounge. 

Now the question comes, how to make the lounges last longer? It doesn’t matter if it’s a piece of standard lounge furniture or a luxury leather recliner; taking proper care and regular cleaning is necessary. If you want to know more about the tips that might help you secure your leather lounge for another decade, you should go through this piece of article specially curated for you. The 3 most important tips are as follows:

Strictly Water

One of the golden rules to keep a leather lounge last longer is ‘no use of soap.’ Try never to use any form or kind of soap or detergent on a leather lounge, even if it means cleaning a stain. Different types of leather are available in the market, and most of the natural kinds of leather are not resistant to the harsh chemicals found in detergents and other cleaning agents.

If you want to clean your leather or wash it, it’s best to use warm water. After passing the leather surface with warm water, you can gently scrub with a white fluff-free cloth. The use of white fabric is a must as it will not release any dyes that might get absorbed by your leather lounge. On the other hand, simple vacuuming will do the trick if you want to remove the dust and dirt layer off your leather lounge.

No rubbing

If you have kids or senior citizens in your home, there’s a chance that the spilling of food or drinks might take place at some point in time. If that happens, do not indulge yourself in wiping or rubbing off the spillage from the surface of the leather. It might cause the spill to spread quickly, resulting in a stain. Even if you rubbed the surface by mistake, don’t clean it yourself and make the stain even worse. The best thing to do now would be calling for some professional help from leather lounge cleaning services in Sydney. They have advanced cleaning products to help you clean your stain on the leather lounge without destroying its texture and looks. 

Keep your pets off the leather

Pets like cats and dogs are naturally inclined towards leather furniture. That is because they are kind of fond of the texture, and they use that to their advantage to rub their paws against the leather surface to sharpen their nails. These type of actions might bring pleasure to your pets, but it is ultimately going to destroy the look and feel of your leather lounge. The best way to make them avoid scratching your leather surface is to train them so that their nails don’t bring any permanent damage to your beloved leather furniture.

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