This is Why You Shouldn’t Choose DIY For Your Kitchen Renovations

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We all get inspired by watching renovation Tv shows and social media videos. It looks easy, doesn’t it? It looks satisfying too. But in reality, you aren’t getting the whole picture. Often the people showcasing their DIY are getting more help than shown or making more mistakes than they allude to. Overall, choosing DIY can be detrimental to your renovation, unless of course, you’re a professional in the industry already. 

If you do want to go the way of paying someone to help you with your kitchen renovation, take the time to visit The Australian Kitchen Co’s kitchen renovation showroom and get inspired by their kitchen designs, from here their experts help you put together your kitchen of choice. It’s that easy, no hammers are required. 

You Don’t Have the Equipment

Home remodelling projects need you to have a lot of tools. This goes beyond just having the right screwdriver. You need to have the following, and that’s just naming a few: 

·      Truck for materials.

·      Specific power tools.

·      Demolition tools.

·      Safety and PPE items.

·      Painting items and safety items.

·      Saws and saw tables.

Although you might think renting these tools is easy, actually safely using them and not incurring renter’s fees is a whole other issue.

You Don’t Have the Knowledge

Once you get started renovating, you can’t assume things will work out as you go. Everything needs planning, and this includes the steps to take to renovate properly. 

For example, a professional designer will know how to design and process the space, and then understand where to get the contracts and permits for electrical, plumbing and integrity work. The professionals can then schedule the right people to come in and do the project to your timeline. Within this outline, things can go wrong, and professionals can help manage this. 

You Don’t Have the Skills

Youtube videos do not translate to job training. Some of the skills you may need are as follows:

·      Safe demolition.

·      Putting up framing, insulation and drywall.

·      Undertaking HVAC, electrical and plumbing needs.

·      Installing flooring and cabinetry.

·      Tiling and cutting tiles.

·      Carpentry work.

Keep in mind the trial and error required in learning new things, and the fact that trial and error is costly in and of itself. 

You Could Get Hurt

Renovations can be dangerous, even professionals know this. This risk comes down to areas like lifting heavy items, demolition, using tools, wiring, climbing on high spaces and even just having children in the home. When you work with professionals, they come with onsite insurance and expertise. This doesn’t mean accidents won’t ever happen, it just means they are more prepared than you will be to correctly handle and prevent these accidents. 

You Don’t Have Time

Time is valuable. It’s a resource that matters, so you don’t want to be working all week at your 9-5 and then all weeknights, weekends and days off renovating your homes. Remember that a renovation also includes time-consuming things like ordering the right materials, overseeing the subcontractors, setting up a schedule and sticking to it, ensuring quality care, and making sure things are delivered on time and disposed of correctly. 

When you look at DIY in this manner, and understand that mistakes can be costly, not just in monetary ways, it’s important to think of calling the experts first. 

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