The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Servers

In a world dominated by server owners and players, Minecraft Servers provide a great way for people to hang out. Most servers make their own versions of the game, while others are based on the original. A Minecraft Server, usually hosted on a computer connected to the internet and made specifically for multiplayer gaming, is often found online and accessible in both Bedrock (Java) and Java (Bedrock).

There are 37 different types of Minecraft Servers ranging from small-scale private servers that play with friends to large-scale public servers that have hundreds or even thousands of players connecting at once. Let us discuss it in details.

What is a Minecraft server & what does it do?

There are two types of Minecraft servers. The main difference is the size of the server and what countries they are living in. 

  1. Private Server: A private server is usually in someone’s house. Private servers have less than four players at once but can be much more dependent on their internet speed, computer power, and person’s location.
  2.  Public Server: A public server hosted by some company over the internet and has many players connecting at once. Players play on a wide map, usually more than 20 players at once.

Creating a Minecraft server has many advantages over playing on a third-party server. That includes ownership, security & privacy and even technology support. Also, they control the integrity of players and staff. 

How to Find the Best Minecraft Server?

Minecraft servers are the lifeblood of Minecraft. The game relies on multiplayer interactions to help players enjoy their experience. Various servers are operated by people but not all are worthy to use, the best Minecraft server depends on particular factors. 

Many factors go into finding the best Minecraft server, such as:

  • The type of the servers. It should be PvP or PvE.
  • It has an active community that is constantly growing.
  • New Features available and applicable in service 
  • Presence of Visibility. The more players on the server it is better.
  • Proportional server population to the number of players online.
  • The quality of staff and how often they perform their duties.

How to Make a Minecraft Server?

Making a personal Minecraft Server is easy once both Java and Bedrock are installed on the computer that runs Minecraft. It can download both of them from the internet or it is also available on a website where anyone can download the client (the game itself) which is the java version of the game.


Minecraft has become a wildly popular game, but with its limitations in terms of content and gameplay, it’s hard to keep everyone entertained. A server can provide an infinite number of new things to do; it takes the game in a whole new direction or even allows you to play with friends who live far away.

For players, a wide range of game servers is one of the driving forces of Minecraft’s success in online mode using digital devices.

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