The Significance Solar Mounting System Designed by Mibet Energy

Solar system

In today’s times the solar energy systems are getting increasingly popular and they are used in many industries as a primary form of energy. The switch to solar energy necessitates having a good solar racking supplier at hand. One such highly efficient solar system supplier is Xiamen Mibet New Energy Co. Ltd. It is high-tech company that provides efficient service in solar mounting as well as manufacturing of solar energy products. Mibet energy also specializes in researchand development of economically sound systems which are sold across 100 countries and regions thus making the company one of the biggest solar mounting system supplier in China.

There are many different types of solar mounting systems available in the market like roof, ground and floating. Mibet energy provides high quality products and services for all these solar systems. The company is dedicated to making your dream of making a green switch to energy requirements easier by providing you with top solar system options at All the customers have any questions can get all information needed and their queries answered regarding the solar products on the company website. With such high quality products and impeccable service to the customers, Mibet energy has become a leading PV system supplier all over the world.

Floating Solar System

Why you should choose Mibet energy for your floating solar system?

Solar system with a lifespan of 25 years

Mibet energy provides many different types of solar systems that are designed by highly skilled stafffrom the company. These designs are especially created for industrial settings and for making solar system usage easier. Among these designs, one of the popular system design is the solar floating system. It uses HDPE material and has an incredible lifespan of 25 years.

Easy installation that makes this floating solar system all embracing

The floating solar system can be mounted on any water body such as lake, pond, dam, etc. The design of solar floating system helps in solving various installation issues such as land space limitation as happens with traditional ground solar projects. The design is simplified to optimize installation efficiency as well as reduce the installation cost while ensuring its structural strength. All these advantages makes solar floating system very effective. 

Strong and Durable solar system to withstand the pulling power of water

One of the floating system is MRac G4N PV power plant. The HDPE material is used in this system and it has passed various different types of tests such as Hunt Water Absorption Test, Anti-Aging Test, Anti-UV Test. These tests ensure that you get a highly durable product that lasts more than 2 decades. It can also withstand the pulling power that is much higher than some of the other products.

Increased productivity and installation capacity

The adoption of new module design in floater and main floater grasps the array of double row in the same facing or in symmetrical facing, which can escalate the productivity of solar power generation and installation capacity. It also makes it easy to install and reduces the cost of installation. The MRac Floating PV System G4N also has Strong weather ability which makes it easy to operate and maintain.

The different features of MRac G4N

Some of the features that you get with the MRac G4N solar floating system power plant are as follows.

As mentioned earlier, this product has a modular design, and it comes with convenient and simple splice installation. You can increase the floater volume for adding buoyant force of the floater. This floater is made using high density polyethylene that ensures durability and longevity of operations. This product comes in a wide array of designs and it is much easier to combine.

This product is compatible with numerous solar modules and thus it helps the customers in saving the cost. The MRac floating PV system can be fixed using the anchoring system. Usually the anchor point is chosen under the water, but you can also choose it on the water front. The process for installing the anchoring system has to be designed in compliance with condition and situation of the water body.

If you need any help with the process of installation then the professionals from Mibet energy provide comprehensive assistance with the entire process to ensure that your solar power plant is up and running efficiently. For any queries you can get in touch with the customer representatives via official website any time.

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