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parallel kitchen interior design

When you’re deciding your modular kitchen layout, if space, productivity, and efficiency are at the peak of your preference list, you might need to estimate the parallel kitchen interior design. One of the widely known and oldest kitchen design layouts, the parallel modular kitchen is still a favorite choice amongst cooking specialists, or utterly home chefs who are all concerning functionality. In simple words, the parallel kitchen interior design is for those who take the profession of cooking seriously.What is a Parallel Modular Kitchen?

A parallel modular kitchen is completely a designing layout in which the furniture and countertops run in two perpendicular parallel lines, normally on opposite walls. The modular kitchen work triangle is accordingly spaced out within the two walls, with the ‘passage’ space in between allowing ease of action in between. The dual row allows plenty of accommodation and countertop area.

Why you must consider a Parallel Modular Kitchen?

A parallel modular kitchen design is a great alternative for those individuals who are struggling with limited space. Particularly if only one person is preparing in the modular kitchen most maximum of the time, parallel kitchen designs are wonderful options. If you have a doorway or shutter that won’t enable you to set up your modular kitchen along one wall, formerly the space-saving kitchen is expected to be your best chance. Additionally, there is no mess of useless corner spaces.

Things to Examine When Creating a Parallel Modular Kitchen layout

  • Keep the smallest distance of about 3 to 4 feet within the two facets of your parallel modular kitchen to provide yourself a sufficient area to move about.
  • Try to install the stove and sink on the corresponding side for assistance. Maximize cupboard space but assure that you have sufficient room to open the doors without any hindrance.

Adequate Area for A Kitchen Island

Most maximum parallel kitchen design layouts don’t provide enough space for a kitchen island. It’s considerably superior to have enough area for a functioning kitchen island. You could examine getting a small table on wheels if you believe you have a lot of area between the two factions. This can give extra counter area and can be transferred out of the way if there are extra people in the modular kitchen. It can also be turned around and be applied as a trolley. You could also operate for a breakfast niche that would increase the counter space and allow you to have an interactive area.

Trending Parallel Kitchen Interior Designs

The modern-day parallel modular kitchen interior design is open to a diversity of styles and surfaces. If you’re working with a smaller area, you might notice that light colors or simple finishes are more comfortable on the eye, while giving space to look a little bigger. But if you have loads of natural light in the area, you could go for a dark color even if you have a little space. Dark colors in the modular kitchen will make it look modern, cool, and stylish.

Go For Dark Shade Modular Kitchen

One of the great options in a dark shade is Black color. It is an excellent alternative to make your modular kitchen look sharp and smooth. Black shades are also very accepting of small messes in the modular kitchen. If you get all-black to be too strong a step or too powerful, go for black only on the deeper closets and keep a light shade for the overhead closets.

Pastel Shades

One of the great alternatives is pastel shades. Always go for pastel colors in the parallel kitchen design for a comfortable and fashionable look. Search with sequences of colors and sketches for both the cabinets and the backsplash. If you are getting your modular kitchen done with the best modular kitchen design manufacturers in the market like Wudley Modulars, their designer will design your interiors more extra-ordinary.

Are you looking for a parallel kitchen interior design layout? Talk to our expert professionals and a team of design experts to create a modular kitchen that’s perfectly fit for all your home needs and requirements.

When compared with other kitchen designs available in the industry, parallel kitchen design stands out in the crowd that utilizes the least amount of area without affecting functionality, productivity, and efficiency.

The overall area optimization of a parallel kitchen design layout and the smallest floor plan bequeath you with extra space for the rest of your home. This modular design can also be constructed with an open layout plan with gypsum drywall.

When it comes to kitchen decoration, the feasibilities are endless. Add creative or traditional wallpaper to your parallel kitchen layout design to add dimension to your area, multicolored backsplash, or install pipes following the counters for a fresh and beautiful look. You could also combine profile enlightenment on both sides.

Given the compressed dimension of parallel modular kitchens, there are fewer costs that you have to acquire. In this layout, you ordinarily need a more limited countertop area therefore less investment there. This layout design also provides for inadequate space so you can move to do with basic appliances.

To understand how a parallel modular kitchen design layout can seamlessly match your home, book a free consultation with our expert professionals today.

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