How Augmented Reality is a Boon for Technical Support

As we are moving forward in time, many new technologies are surfacing that have the capability to ease our lifestyle. Smart devices, immersive video, gadgets, and various industrial machines have made many jobs easier for everybody today. However, these machines need to be properly operated to get the best out of them. And in case of any issue, you may need help from professionals who know about it.

Whenever a person faces any issue with a device, let’s say a set-top box, the immediate thing they do is call technical support. Therefore, the customer support department needs to be knowledgeable and equipped with the right tools. One of the recent technologies that have seen adoption in the technical support department of many technology firms is Augmented Reality.

Firms like Hyundai are using AR as an integral part of their tech support process. Let’s read ahead and find out Augmented Reality remote assistance can transform technical support.

What is Augmented Reality?

AR merges the real world with the computer-generated world. It is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image onto the real world of the users. And because of this innovative capability, AR has been massively adopted by various industry sectors for countless applications.

Some of the basic applications of AR can be seen in:

  • Automotive sector
  • Gaming
  • Technical support
  • Industrial automation
  • Warehousing
  • R&D

And whatnot! In short, AR has entirely transformed each sector for good.

If we talk about the technical support sector, there are several ways through which AR is helpful.

Augmented Reality and Technical Support

One of the key areas where the technology is seeing vast application is technical support. How?

Well, there are various aspects of tech. support department where the technology can be leveraged.

1.     Customer Service

Customer service is the backbone of every business on the planet. As per Forrester, 69% of the U.S. adults shop more with retailers online that provide seamless customer service both online as well as offline.

Thanks to AR, retailers can now streamline their customer service process and save a lot on service technician dispatches. How?

When a customer orders a device or home appliance online such as a coffee machine, he or she might not know how to operate it or might operate it in an incorrect manner. This is where Augmented Reality can help. A customer service representative who has knowledge about the device can connect with the customer. He or she can request a visual look of the device and guide the user by providing them with virtual markups and instructions on the image or feed shared by the customer. Thus, allowing them to use their device in the right way. The best thing about Augmented Reality remote assistance is that it eliminates the issue of miscommunication.

The use of AR in customer service can reduce the technician dispatch rate by 17% and increase the first call resolution rate by 20%. Vodafone has deployed AR in customer support and has witnessed remarkable results.

2.     Virtual Technicians

Various tech companies on a startup level provide service technicians to resolve customer issues. The process is not at all bad as it offers a personal touch to the process, ensuring no chances of mistakes. However, it takes a lot of time as the customer has to book a technician first by making a call, then the technician arrives as per the schedule, and the issue gets resolved. The entire process may take around 2-3 or more days.

Here AR technology can help. As Augmented Reality deals with the superimposing of computer-generated objects with the real world, no matter where the customer is in the world, service technicians can help them seamlessly. By connecting to the customer via a live video feed, the technician can easily see which type of machine the user is using and what needs to be done. Based on the analysis, the technician can help the customers solve their issues by directing them through visual elements.

The entire process will not take more than a few minutes, and the issue will be resolved. If, in any case, the issue arises again, no need for a repeat technician visit. Place a live video call and get the issue resolved again.

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3.     User Manual

Each one of us has experienced the pain of the IVR system. The process of pressing different buttons to talk to a customer support executive is extremely tiring. Moreover, there is no firm in the world that can deal with all the customer issues instantly. So, what’s the solution here?

Augmented Reality can help here. Now, there can only be a finite no. of customer support executives in a firm. Helping all the customers can be tough here. But, it can be achieved by making interactive AR user manuals.

An AR-powered user manual can help the customer by labeling each part of the machine or a gadget when they bring the view of the machine in front of their phone’s camera. This process can reduce the reliance of maximum customers on the customer support department of the firm. There are various firms that leverage AR for designing user manuals, such as:

Mercedes Benz: The luxury automobile giant was one of the early adopters of the AR user manual. Mercedes Benz allowed its customers to get familiar with the various parts of their new vehicle by using their smartphone camera. Further, the firm also allowed users to make basic repairs by using AR technology like refilling wiper fluid, checking oil, etc.

Final Words

Customer acquisition and retention are the most important areas for businesses to focus on. And when it comes to making customers trust your brand, word of mouth is the best way to acquire loyal customers. This aspect is directly impacted by customer support, and Augmented Reality remote assistance is the ideal way to achieve it. The best technical support tech will garner the best customers for you.

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