Song in the Smoke A Beautifully Crafted VR Survival Thrill

17-Bit developed and launched the challenging virtual reality survival game Song in the Smoke. The mix of vivid hues and attractive images echoes The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In addition to the game’s spectacular visuals, players will confront a variety of challenges, such as obtaining food and fighting or evading several terrifying beasts. In the later stages of the game, the difficulty increases.

In order to complete a level, players must locate and destroy a boss while collecting three dispersed purple stones. As you go through the game, the map will expand in size and difficulty. At night, the player is pursued by a mysterious creature known as the Darkness, which can only be vanquished by illuminating it. The Darkness gives the game an eerie atmosphere comparable to that of the Amnesia series. Players must construct a light or campfire in order to escape the Darkness. Additionally, players may use campfires as a home base to create other structures and maintain their work.

A drying or tanning rack and a storage sack for transporting goods between campfires are also accessible through campfires. They may be utilised to dehydrate food and animal intestines, as well as to create more durable clothes and equipment. At the beginning of the game, the players have no clothes and must hunt for furs. Predators resembling those in Ark: Survival Evolved, such as lions and screechers, may be easier to hunt while wearing attire that enhances stealth and defence. Everything in the game, including the campfire, weapons, and structures, must be crafted from scratch using random map materials.

As the difficulty of the game increases, the quality of the resources on each map will increase. The players have a tremendous level of freedom in terms of planning their own route and customising their equipment. It will be far more difficult to traverse these areas without superior equipment, and death will return the player to their previous campfire save point. In each stage, only three campfires may be built, making it impossible to return to one and save the game. In Song in the Smoke, players have the choice to determine how dangerous their journey would be.

Even though there are just a few stages to accomplish, there is still a great deal of information to discover. It may take many hours to explore a region, especially for those unwilling to risk facing nocturnal dangers. In addition, there are optional objectives to accomplish, such as locating green stones to increase your health or completing shooting chores to obtain a complete set of arrows. The activities in Song in the Smoke are meant to help players progress and battle monsters.

Song in the Smoke contains a hazy narrative and several cutscenes to assist the player in boss encounters. The most effective tactics for dethroning superiors are given in an original and interesting manner. Song in the Smoke is a profoundly mesmerising experience due to the environment, music, and constant noises produced by diverse animals. While exploring dangerous environments, gamers will experience both dread and elation upon defeating powerful foes. Song in the Smoke is a VR survival horror game unlike any other, enabling players to explore, hunt, and conquer the deadly environment at will.

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