In the craziness of modern-day life, it can be easy to neglect and not prioritize comfort. Living in a hustle-forward society makes things like productivity and accomplishment the ultimate goal, and often times this can come at a personal cost. While it’s true that in order to see your dreams come to reality it takes a lot of hard work, determination, and self-will, it’s also true that sometimes you need to take a break. Learning how to slow down and relax isn’t just something that can help you restore energy. It’s actually something that can impact your overall health, and help you accomplish more than you could without. 

Learning how to slow down can be difficult. Finding tools that help to make life more comfortable, will ultimately help you learn how to achieve the balance you are looking for. That’s why Everlasting Comfort makes some of the best home comfort items on the market. Learning how to stop, enjoy rest, and be comfortable is a crucially important thing. With their catalog of tools that are designed to bring your comfort, this can be something that you not only learn how to do but love doing. 

The Everlasting Comfort large room humidifier, which you can also find on Amazon, is a tool that will help transform your air, improve your health, and help you learn how to rest better. If you have been curious about how an air humidifier can help improve your life, here is everything you need to know. 

Humidity is Important

An air humidifier helps to create a level of humidity in enclosed, in-door environments. Humidity itself is just a term that refers to the level of moisture that is naturally in the air. Air quality itself is actually tied to humidity, as it takes a certain amount of moisture to help keep pathogens, and allergens from spreading. This doesn’t mean that dry air, by any means, is unhealthy or bad for you. However, in certain situations, the air can become so dry that it can cause uncomfortable effects. 

One of the leading causes of dry air indoors is the recycled nature of air that’s moved through heating and cooling units. As air is circulated and temperature regulated, this can create dry, stuffy air that can cause irritation. Another factor that impacts the quality of your air, is also the climate that you live in. For example, areas that naturally have a more humid climate, will most likely also have more natural plant life. This can create air quality with a good amount of humidity, but it can also be the cause of a lot of pollen.

One of the things that an indoor air humidifier will do, is help to keep the level of humidity healthy, and comfortable inside your home. 

How is Humidity Comfortable?

If you have never used a humidifier before, it may be confusing as to how humidity can be comfortable. In nature, a humid day is typically referring to something unpleasant as the air can feel heavy and hot. When someone uses a humidifier in their personal living space, they are not creating a heavy, or hot environment. Instead, a humidifier can actually improve the air quality of your home, and help to increase a sense of comfort and ease.

This is possible because of how the humidifier creates the humidity. There are two general types of humidifiers, evaporation based and ultrasonic. Both types do not rely on heat sources to create the mist, and this is where the comfort of using an air humidifier is found. Instead of the humidifier releasing a warm vapor, it instead releases a cool mist. 

The Everlasting Comfort humidifier uses an ultrasonic engine that vibrates at a high frequency. This creates an ultra fine mist, that is then released into the air. With adjustable outputs, this air humidifier can service rooms up to 500 square feet. This is an impressive amount of space, but because it’s adjustable, can be used in much smaller spaces as well. 

Essential Oils Tray

Aside from creating cleaner, purer air, another way this humidifier can increase the comfort of your home is through its built-in essential oils tray. This humidifier can double as an essential oils diffuser, and run both features at the same time. That means you can humidify your home, while also diffusing your favorite essential oils or blends of oils at the same time. 


With air that’s been properly humidified, you will experience better sleep and healthier skin, and it can help people who suffer from seasonal allergies, or even asthma. With a 6-liter tank, these humidifiers can last up to 50 hours which means they take little to no maintenance to keep running. There are so many benefits to using an Everlasting Comfort air humidifier, you’ll wonder how you ever went without one. 

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