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If you are looking for the perfect sheets for your bed, you have to consider four main elements: the cotton, weave, thread count and finish. Sateen and percale are two major types of weaves used for bed linen production. Although both are high-quality materials, there is a difference in their feel. The main difference between sateen and percale is that sateen has a glossy shine and a soft touch, while percale has a matte finish and a crisp feeling. Furthermore, sateen is ideal for cooler sleepers while percale is ideal for warmer sleepers. Read on to learn about the differences between sateen and percale and find out which sheet option is best for you and your partner.

What is Sateen?

Sateen refers to a fabric woven in such a way that it resembles Satin. This weaving technique has a long history and is widely used in bed linen production. Thread count gets a lot of the attention in the world of bedding, and for good reason. However, when it comes to softness and comfort, weave is often the factor that makes the bigger difference. For sleepers who prefer the smoothness of silk but want to enjoy the benefits of a more natural fiber like cotton, sateen woven sheets are the best go to option.

Sateen features a one under three over yarn pattern where the end result is a distinctive and delightfully soft feel of the resultant fabric. Sheets made out from this turn to be very lustrous and ultrasoft. Customers also choose sateen over the competition because of its thickness. Sateen weave is also a highly breathable

Wondering about the best sateen sheets on the market? We’re big fans of The Organic Factor GOTS approved bedding range part of their Hotel Collection. The sheets get an added elegance thanks to the double stitched hem and opaque finish. The stylish set comes in three color choices. The TOF bedding range is also moisture managed to suit warm sleepers and offer good moisture absorption alike to percale sheets. Organic Cotton Sheets made by TOF offer a superior 400 thread count fabric which is made from long staple cotton fibers and offers luxurious experience at a great value for money price. In addition, TOF also offers Organic Duvet Covers and Pillow covers at a super discounted rates.

What is Percale?

Percale is a closely woven plain weave that has existed for over hundreds of years. This is a fairly simple weave where warp and weft threads cross one under and one over in the weaving process. This weave results in a firm, smooth, matte finish and medium weight fabric. Percale is smooth to touch but dry and crisp against the skin. Percale is a breathable fabric and absorbs a lot of heat. It is a good option for warm sleepers. Additionally, percale is perfect for those with skin sensitivities as it tends to stay dry even when you sweat.

Key Highlights

Sateen WeavePercale Weave
Lustrous & Silky-Smooth FeelCrisp Feel
Thick & Durable WeightGenerally lighter in weight
Wrinkle resistant / needs less to no ironingLess Wrinkle resistant / needs ironing for a crisp smooth look
Soft Smooth and has luxurious SheenMatte Finish
One Yarn Thread Under and Three OverOne Yarn Thread Under and One Over
Can be woven to higher thread countHas lower thread count
ExpensiveNot Very Expensive

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