Sanitize Fruits and Vegetables to Fight Germs

Fruit and Vegetable Disinfectant

From farm to your home, the fruits and vegetables you eat are packed with fungicides, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals, making them dangerous to human well-being. Herbicides, Fungicides, and Pesticides are essentially used for the improvement of vegetables and in some instances as residues.

Fruits and vegetables, though, maintain a high quantity of pesticide chemicals. A high quantity of toxic chemicals poses a warning to human well-being and health by destroying the nervous and reproductive systems, disturbing the immune system, and uniformly leading to serious diseases like cancer in some cases.

The best way to stay safe and protected from diseases

The uncertain circumstances make it important to wash fruits and vegetables in the best way to stay safe and protected from diseases. Check out this post further to find out the best way to disinfect fruits and vegetables properly before consumption.

During these tough times of germs and viruses, to fight them and the reoccurring monsoon diseases, we need to grasp the best tips and tricks to our daily routine. Some of the best tips and tricks include;

  • Bring fruit and vegetable disinfectant to your home.
  • Disinfect them before eating.
  • Exercise to beat the stress.
  • Carry face masks, instant hand sanitizers whenever you step out of your home.

To diminish the risks of the germs and viruses spread and infectivity, constantly disinfecting highly touched surfaces such as mobiles, telephones, fruits, vegetables, milk packets, tables, chairs, and delivery boxes that are an absolutely necessary requirement.

Many of us didn’t know how to disinfect fruits and vegetables, which is the best disinfectant product to do? And where to get it? Don’t worry, Trishul Home Care brings you amazing tips and tricks to disinfect fruits and vegetables. Read this post further to fight germs and harmful bacteria going forward-

Disinfect Fruits and Vegetables with Trishul Disinfectant

Fruits and vegetables are a natural part of our diet, and one of the most preferred in the home over other meals. In the current pandemic situation, disinfecting fruits and vegetables has increased vital importance and it is necessary to take special care while disinfecting them.

Given below are the following steps to disinfect them thoroughly;

  • Make sure to disinfect your hands thoroughly with an alcohol-based instant hand sanitizer or wash your hands with Namaad Antibacterial Hand Wash before and after handling fruits and vegetables.
  • Rinse it with clean water to get rid of additional chemicals from surfaces.
  • Be careful while spraying the amount for soaking vegetables. Don’t spray too much that will be, of course, harmful for your health. There is a saying that “Excess of everything is always harmful.” Make sure to keep the disinfectant out of the reach of children and the elderly.

Is it necessary to disinfect fruits and vegetables?

Disinfecting fruit and vegetables are an essential part of food security and safety because it can help stop cross-contamination while clearing the produce of harmful chemicals. Completely checking and disinfecting vegetables before assistance increases the chance of bypassing a food borne disorder created by contaminated food. Moreover, the toxic chemicals applied can disturb customers with serious stomachs or allergies.

By disinfecting all the foods that will be served raw, you will considerably diminish the risk of your customers getting a serious illness, and you would be executing secure food development methods in your surroundings such as restaurants, bars, or catering businesses. Additionally, purchasing a safe disinfectant product will help guarantee you continue to serve safe, healthy, and clean food to your customers.

Trishul Fruit and Veg Soak

Trishul Fruit and Vegetable Soak is an all-natural organic product that smoothly disinfects most of the pesticides, harmful chemicals, pollutants, soil, wax, grease, germs, dirt, viruses, and grime that is present on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

  • It keeps the natural taste intact.
  • It contains no added color or preservatives.

Kitchen Care Disinfectants

Trishul Home Care Kitchen Disinfectant is an innovative and effective product, which helps in removing harmful chemicals and pesticides from the surface of fruits and vegetables. The product uses all-natural ingredients to help eliminate harmful pathogens and microorganisms.

According to the recent survey, Trishul Fruit and Veg Soak kill 90-99.9% of germs and bacteria present in fruits and vegetables. Visit the website to check out the range of products and other disinfectants available.

A Balanced Diet Tip

A balanced and healthy diet for a person must have a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables. One must consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. According to the World Health Organization, a serving of 400 G of fruits and vegetables per day keeps allergies, heart diseases, strokes, and several types of cancer at bay.

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