Pet Pumpkin Painted Rock Craft

Pet Pumpkin Painted Rock Craft

Pet Pumpkin Painted Rock Craft. What could be better than Jack O ‘Lanterns when it comes to Halloween decorations? Bright, iconic, and fun oranges are the perfect way to prepare your home for this beloved holiday and kick off other brightly colored black items.

Pet Pumpkin Painted Stones

Who doesn’t love pet rocks? These cute little friends are perfect and popular all year long, but they’re incredibly wonderful on Halloween when you have an explanation for a painting of landscape drawing easy, some of the bright oranges with scary faces.


For a pumpkin pet rock, you will need:

  • Some smooth pebbles or stones of various sizes and shapes.
  • Orange paint, preferably ecological if you are going to use rocks to decorate the exterior
  • White paint
  • Black markers or black paint
  • A brush

Step 1: paint your rocks.

Grab your rocks and start painting! You may want a couple of coats to highlight them in very bright orange. Once you’re happy with the color, set them aside to dry for a while. They must scorch before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: draw the faces.

While you wait for the paint to dry, think about the faces you will continue. Look at the health of the support and determine what would seem right on everyone. Think about their character and the kind of expression they might have. It can be helpful to sketch on a sheet of paper before painting over the rocks.

Step 3: Paint the pumpkin lines.

Once the rocks are dry, paint some pumpkin lines on them (or use a marker). Please decide to do the contours of the stones as a guide, making the lines to a focal spot at the top and back of the rock. You can draw the stalks on any if you need. Depending on how artistic you feel, you can add shadows or highlights to the pumpkin’s contours to give them more depth.

Step 4: paint the faces.

Once the pumpkin lines are dry, start drawing the faces. If you want, you can mark them lightly with a pencil first and then use the black marker or paint to fill them in correctly. Try making a mixture of many expressions.

The eyes will be more helpful if you choose them with white and add black pupils, giving them more definition. Alternatively, you can go for entirely black eyes to create a darker, more menacing look – it’s Halloween, after all!

Jack O ‘Lantern candy holder

Pet Pumpkin Painted Rock Craft

If you want containers for your Halloween treats, all you need to do is collect a few jars before Halloween and get a little crafty!


For this craft, you will need:

  • Glass jars of various sizes. Solution jars are great as they do to be so great.
  • Thick orange thread
  • Pair of scissors
  • Black paper or black felt.
  • Glue gun

Step 1: Clean the jars and remove the labels.

Before doing anything else, you’ll want to thoroughly clean and wash your jars and remove the labels. You don’t want to contaminate the treats with leftover honey, jam, pickles, or anything else. Once the jars are clean, let them dry, and then you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: wrap the jars.

Take your orange string and place a small amount of glue from your glue gun in the bottom of the jar. Attach the end of the wire, and then start wrapping the wire around the pot. Don’t worry about trying to cut the correct length of thread; keep unrolling it from the skein as you go.

Step 3: cut out a face.

Black felt is best for this, but the black paper will be fine if you can’t access the black felt. Take the one you are using and draw (chalk can be easier than a marker) some face components. You want scary eyes and a mouth full of teeth, as well as a little black nose. You don’t have to spend years making them beautiful, but have as much fun with them as you want. It can be helpful to draw your design on paper before you begin.

Step 4: Adhesive the map to the pot

Put your pumpkin face in the jar and see what you think! You can always cut new pieces if you don’t like them. Once you’re happy with the result, glue your face in place, and you’ve got your jar of Jack O ‘Lantern goodies.

Step 5: create a top.

If you want to use the lid on your jar, you can make a pumpkin stem. If possible, a pot with a reasonably plain gold lid is best. If the top of the jar spoils the pumpkin effect, cover it with orange foil. Take a piece of paper and roll it up to form a stem. You can draw some brown lines to add the effect or keep it simple. Put any adhesive in the middle of the jar lid and glue the stem in place. Perfect, a finished pumpkin!


You now have two large Jack O ‘Lantern jobs to get your home fresh and bright on Halloween. We believe you own a piece of play with the pumpkin!

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