5 Tips For Effective Online Quran Study In USA 2021

For all the convenience and flexibility that studying the Online Quran Teaching brings, there are also some challenges. If nothing is done to overcome these challenges, it can seriously damage your learning curve.

Having been an Online Quran Teaching for the past five years, teaching students of all ages, I am well aware of these challenges and know how to overcome them.

So here I share five useful tips that will make learning the Quran online more effective and help online Quran students get the most out of their Quran lessons.

1. Create your own study space

One of the key challenges of online learning is distraction. You are exposed to a variety of internal and external distractions that seriously affect your learning.

The best way to avoid distractions is to set aside a quiet, separate space at home where you can conduct Quran online lessons. Your study space should not be the same as the place where you watch TV or eat dinner.

Ask your family not to disturb you in any way while you are in class. If possible, turn off your phone and log out of your social media accounts to avoid unknown distractions from your friends.

2. Schedule your study time in your calendar

A key advantage of studying the Online Quran Teaching is the flexibility of time. You can schedule lessons or watch lectures whenever you want. On the other hand, it’s also easy to forget your study time and skip lessons, because no one is watching you and you don’t have to be punished.

Put your schedule in your calendar, send it to your email or set an alarm during Quran study time to get a reminder. This will help ensure that you attend every lesson on time.

Remember, regularity is the key to studying the Quran quickly.

3. Take active notes

One of my observations of students studying the Online Quran Teaching is that they often take their Quran reading errors for granted. This leads them to repeat these mistakes over and over again. It is perfectly normal to make mistakes, and it is perfectly normal. The problem comes when you do not correct them.

The best thing to do is to make a note of all the mistakes that are brought up in each lesson and address them during or after the lesson in a practice session. Also, don’t assume that because you have understood everything, you don’t need to take notes. Write down all the important points, especially the Tajweed rules, for future reference. I have found that students who take notes and correct their mistakes learn the Quran faster and more effectively.

4. Classroom participation

Studies have shown that students who actively participate in class learn better and faster than those who just listen quietly. Asking questions and discussing topics is important for effective online Quran learning. This will greatly speed up your Quran learning process.

Do not be shy to ask questions you are not sure about. Complete the assignments and ask your instructor for regular quizzes and tests. 5.

5. Take one Quran course at a time.

There are many online Quran courses available to you. Choose a course according to your current level and do not make the mistake of enrolling in more than one course at a time. Many students make this request, but I always advise them to take one course at a time so that they can fully concentrate on it.

For example, if you are a beginner, you should start with Nurani Gedda and learn the basics.

If you want to improve your pronunciation skills, take the Tajweed course. Similarly, if you want to learn the Quran Lessons Online by heart, just take a recitation course. If you want to learn both recitation and Tajweed, you will find it difficult to concentrate on either one.

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