ngs to Consider When Installing a New Garage Door 

5 Things to Consider When Installing a New Garage Door 

Every residence has some critical asset, and a garage is undoubtedly one of them. However, many aspects might need your attention when it comes to the maintenance of a garage. The garage door is the primary aspect that you must secure to maintain your garage. Not only does a proper garage door condense the ease of getting in your home by just pushing a button, but it also enhances the curb appeal of your entire home.  

A large percentage of homeowners are considering installing new garage doors because of many rational reasons. The instant benefits of garage door replacement include increased home value, increased utility, better appearance, safety, and superior insulation. So, if you have decided to go for it, here are the 5 Things to Consider When Installing a New Garage Door

Select the Right Door Feature That Fits Your Home 

Installation is a delicate and detailed process. But to start, you need the perfect door aesthetic, material, and structure. Your residence’s garage door plays a crucial role in your home’s general appeal. So you must pick a garage door that has some resemblance to your home’s color tone, amenities, and patio. You can seek assistance from the market professionals to help you choose door design if you are clueless about it.  

The next thing to focus on is the material. Pick a material that can handle all the installed applications and is easy to maintain in the long term. You can also pick some other detailed features such as the passing of natural light from the door material, options to add windows, safety locks, and much more. These features can contribute to your property value.  

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Clearing and Cleaning Off the Garage 

Clearing out the garage is the second important factor for a new garage door installation. Also, cleaning out the driveway’s surface and the surroundings before starting your garage door installation will keep you ahead of time. Begin by removing all vehicles and also the bicycles if there is any on the wall. You must also clear out all the tools or vehicle parts that include wires or sharp objects. They can turn out to be hurdles during the installation. A clear space will help you land with your goal confidently and safely.  

Inspecting and Prepping the Garage Door Casing and Release the Tension Cautiously 

The third important aspect to consider is to inspect and prepare the garage door well. Just as the old door is removed, you can look for any decaying in the garage door frame and replace the wood accordingly. Now, install the new entry in a solid square frame. You can use squares and levels to measure your new garage door frames in case you need to redo the garage frame.  

Another important factor when installing a garage door is fastening the bottom seal to your first door panel. This vital piece is attached to make a tight-fitting between the garage floor and the garage door. It aids in limiting airflow in the garage that keeps the air inflow while people are working and also adds to the efficiency of the garage door’s insulating capacity. You can also install flexible weather stripping around your garage door for sealing the gap around the door edges. 

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Pay attention to the Hardware and the Fastening 

Many people tend to cut the work short and cheaply regarding the hardware and fastening part of the process. Your garage door secures your precious car and home. Not only that, in a lot of cases, but the children and the pets also spent plenty of time playing near the garage doors. Hence make sure that you are wise enough to invest in hardware that the manufacturer approves.  

Also, it is best not to use any old hardware. It is also important to note that all fasteners are tight enough to not strip anything accidentally during the installation process. A wholly assembled door might weigh more than four hundred pounds. So, you, of course, do not want it to fall on any person or your car! 

Make Use of Chalk Lines for the Spring Tightening Process 

As per professional opinions, spring tightening is one of the crucial and final steps in garage door installation that requires a certain amount of work. The manufacturer’s manual shall help you determine how many turns need to be made to tighten the spring appropriately. By stretching a chalk line through the springs, you will be able to record the number of turns you made to ensure they are tight enough to manufacturer specifications. 

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The Bottom Line 

Like the outer doorways in residence, the door of a garage shares a relevant purpose such as security, protection from the external environment, and high convenience for the dwellers. If your selection and installation are correct, you will barely face any issues regarding usage and maintenance in the long run. The above pointers and considerations will help you get your installation done right in one go. If you are going for a DIY installation, the above factors will keep your feet safe and give you polished output! But if you fail to install the garage door by yourself, do not hesitate to call for an expert as they know their job much better than any other people! 

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