Top Tips to Buy That Perfect Patio Umbrella!

The perfect patio umbrella can be no less than a blessing! It will increase your outdoor area, help keep the space cool and even protect you from the sun and rain. 

The market is filled with options for these large outdoor umbrellas, so you are bound to get confused. Well, no worries, as this article is here to help! You will understand the main factors to be considered before you zero down on that final choice.

Size of the Patio Umbrella

One cannot stress enough how essential it is to have perfect-sized large outdoor umbrellas for your space. First of all, measure the area available to you. Once you have an estimate, try finding options that fit comfortably in the said dimensions. 

Following are the options available usually in the offline or online markets:

  • 7 to 8-inch Canopy Diameter: Shade area Diameter is up to 36 inches
  • 8 to 9-inch Canopy Diameter: Shade area Diameter is up to 48 inches
  • 9 to 10-inch Canopy Diameter: Shade area Diameter is up to 60 inches
  • 11 to 12-inch Canopy Diameter: Shade area Diameter is up to 84 inches
  • 12 to 13-inch Canopy Diameter: Shade area Diameter is up to 96 inches
  • 13 to 14-inch Canopy Diameter: Shade area Diameter is up to 108 inches

Style of Patio Umbrella

Outdoor umbrellas have a pretty extensive list of the styles offered. A simple change in class can make a massive difference to your outdoor space.

The main types of umbrellas styles are as follows:

  • Market Style: These are the most common type of umbrellas and are also referred to as the centre pole umbrella. You can generally find an octagonal or round canopy shape here. Mostly, these have a wooden or an aluminium centre pole. 
  • Tilting style: These umbrellas can be set by pushing a button, turning a crank, or adjusting the collar. They are used in areas where the shades keep on moving.
  • Cantilever style: Cantilever umbrellas are also called offset umbrellas. You will generally find a jointed or arched pole positioned off the side, allowing the canopy to hang as freely as possible. You can rotate them by 360 degrees and tilt them side to side and front to back. Cantilever umbrellas are made of aluminium, teak, bamboo, or a mixture of metal and wood. 

Operating Mechanism of the Umbrella

A variety of umbrellas have many different operating mechanisms as well. You will usually find the following umbrella mechanisms:

  • Push Button Tilt: In the case of these umbrellas, you need to push a button to tilt the canopy manually. The two prominent positions, in this case, is the fully upright one along with the fully tilted one. This mechanism is more common in aluminium umbrellas.
  • Rotational Tilt: In this mechanism, you will spin one of the umbrella ribs to initiate tilting in the canopy according to what you want. The rotational tilt is a characteristic of high-end teak umbrellas.
  • Collar Tilt: You will have to twist the fully opened umbrella’s collar to tilt for the Collar tilt mechanism. This is located on top of the crank. Moreover, this mechanism is easily operable and enables tilting in small increments.

Wrapping Up

So, there you go! The top factors to keep in mind while you go out to buy your patio umbrella. You must cross-check your requirements before making the final cut. 

Once you’re clear with this nitty-gritty, you will easily make the best purchase ever.

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