5 Fashion Tips to Ensure Your Fashion Game is Strong

Fashion is not only about wearing trendy clothes, in vogue accessories or dressing up like a runway model. Fashion is what makes you feel good about yourself, it boosts your confidence and instils courage, panache and the assurance of taking the world head-on. Without fashion, people would look just uninteresting, uninspiring and unexciting to look at.  

The fashion industry is a trillion-dollar industry for a good reason, it can allow anyone to feel on top of the world with pairing just a few items together like a long sleeve crop top with shorts can make you look equal part sexy and cute.

Although fashion is more like falling or staying true to your own personal style, there sure are some valuable basic tips that can make any outfit go from bland to bombastic. You don’t have to copy or follow in the footsteps of a particular celebrity in order to look amazing, just by pairing your own wardrobe, clothing and accessories in a chic way will be good enough. 

It sure can be difficult to master your fashion game every single day without punching a big hole in your bank account but don’t you worry, as we have amassed a list of 8 fashion tips that if you follow to the T, you will always have a powerful, noteworthy and head-turning fashion game.

These tips and tricks in the list may seem simple, mindless and very basic to you but trust me, if you do them right, you’ll end up with a wardrobe full of fashionable items that are a winner all the time. 

The fashion tips will work for your office wardrobe, your out-for-drinks wardrobe, your dating wardrobe as well as for Sunday brunches, casual dinners and holiday get together, so without further ado, let’s get you fashionable and all dolled up!

1.  Be Sure of Your Personal Style

Personal style develops over a span of years, you can’t just have it overnight or copy it from someone. You’ll find your true personal style only when you dare to experiment and play with various styles, colors, materials and combinations. Once you know what your signature style is, you’ll witness personal growth, power, innovation and so much creativity to capitalize on. 

The best and the easiest way to figure out your personal style in far less time is by creating a mood board or Pinterest board. Start pinning pictures or combinations you like and slowly try to decipher which combinations, materials, colors and cuts you like and try to navigate through them when out shopping.

2.  Create a Capsule Collection

In order to create a capsule collection, you must be sure about your signature style thus the first point was having a personal style. Once you know what colors, cuts, fabrics and combinations attracts you and suits you, you’re now ready to build up a curated capsule collection for yourself.

For those who don’t know, a capsule collection are staple pieces that all work well with each other and you can create all kinds of combinations with them.  The capsule collection should be of limited pieces with all flaunting your personalized style. Some must-have items are a black long sleeve dress, leather jacket, well-fitted jeans, nude heels, a tote bag, chunky earrings, long sleeve crop top, khaki shorts, classic blazer, studs, t-shirts and button downs.

3.  Buy Clothes that Look Flattering on your Body Shape

People are often guilty of copying celebrity styles and looks, thinking that if it looks good on them it would produce the same result for themselves. In order to nail your fashion game, find clothing items that look flattering on your body shape all the while making you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

To figure out what items suit your body shape, turn to your existing wardrobe and pick out pieces you feel the most flattering in while being comfortable. For example you look really nice in wide legged or mom pants so don’t go for boyfriends jeans or boot cut ones, stay true to yourself. If you feel that you’re not finding the styles that look the most flattering on you, get yourself a good tailor!

4.  Try to Balance out Different Clothing Items

Balancing different styles is often neglected by people, they just want to wear every fashionable item they have in one look. This is my biggest pet peeve, flexing what you have without paying heed to the harmony of colors, styles, fittings or materials trying to put together. The first step for balancing out different styles is to know the basics. 

Like if you’re trying to pull culottes then be sure to keep every other clothing item fitted. If you are wearing a long sleeve crop top then make sure the skin is only showing from there and no other place. Balancing the top part and bottom part of the outfit will not only create a harmonious look but make you appear aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

5.  Mix and Match Various Patterns, Colors and Textures

Be sure to add life to your wardrobe by adding patterns, textures and different colors. Basic colors are a safe way to proceed but certainly not the right way. If you want to make a strong fashion statement then patterns like stripes, florals, gingham, polka dots and other geometrical prints are a must have. 

Also when it comes to colors, don’t just rely on neutrals or monochromes, try bright colors, neon and mix and match them with some basics and some not-so-basic items for the ultimate fashion statement. Just remember to harmonize everything together so it looks beautiful and coherent. Even if you want to create a clash, it shouldn’t not be in-you-face or too hard to grasp.


Although there are a ton of other valuable fashion pieces of advice I would love to share but for someone starting anew, these tips and tricks will do just fine. Always remember to accessorize your outfit with the right kind of bags, shoes and jewelry to create one killer look.

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