Is Rehabilitation Covered By Insurance?

How Much Does Rehab Cost With Insurance?

How Much Does Rehab Cost With Insurance?

This in-depth guide talks about covering the cost of rehab with insurance, and how much it will cost you. If you are considering whether or not this is a good plan for you, read on.

Is Rehabilitation Covered By Insurance?

Simply put, the answer is “yes”. Most of the time, insurance firms will provide rehab coverage since it is classified as treating medical diseases. However, before jumping to any conclusions, it is important that you understand the plan’s specific terms. For example, plans such as Optima Health rehab coverage may be suitable for some patients while it might not be ideal for others for a number of different reasons.

Rehabilitation — How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of rehabilitation programs will vary greatly depending on whether you choose an out-patient or in-patient program. Price will also be affected by the treatment center type.

If you want a completely free option, your best bet is to look for programs offered by non-profit centers. On the other hand, luxury centers are far more expensive. With this option, one can expect to spend as much as $80,000 per month. Majority of the basic drug treatment programs will cost anything between $2,500 and $25,000 per month.

Rehabilitation Cost — What Factors In?

As mentioned above, there are various things which can affect the cost of treatment. Here are some of the most important ones:


Obviously, the amenities offered by rehabilitation programs aren’t for free. Amenities include things like acupuncture, spacious individual rooms, tennis courts, top-level chefs, and swimming pools.

These amenities are offered by luxury rehab programs, and are visited mostly by famous and wealth individuals. The more amenities provided in the program, the more you should expect to pay.

Provided Treatments

The amount of required treatments also affects the price of the rehab program. Let’s use this example; let’s assume we’re dealing with a drug addict. When starting rehab, some patients don’t really require medical detox.

If the patient is struggling with cocaine abuse, there isn’t much chance that he/she will experience serious withdrawal symptoms when they drop the substance. Other than monitoring, there isn’t really any detox involved. Visit to learn more about detoxification.

Heroin and alcohol users are a different matter; patients dealing with these substances often suffer major withdrawal symptoms during detoxification. As a result, these patient often require medication.

The more medical care required, the higher the price of treatment. Professional counseling and other similar therapies will greatly impact the price.

Center Type

The price difference between out-patient and in-patient programs is like night and day. With in-patient programs, expect to spend a lot more (this is a result of higher intensive care and housing cost)

The program’s length and location will also affect the cost. For instance, a rehab center in a state like California will be significantly more costly than others.

In-patient Or Out-patient Care — Which Should I Go For?

The chosen program type obviously varies between individuals. In out-patient programs, patients live in their homes and visit their treatment centers a few days in a week to speak with their counselor, attend a recovery class, or receive any prescribed medication.

On the other hand, in-patient (or residential) programs require the patient to reside at the treatment center. At this center, the patient receives therapy and learns new skills to properly adjust to their new life of sobriety. These centers are focused environments which help the patient focus on recovery, and get rid of temptations.

What Part Of Rehabilitation Is Covered By Insurance?

Depending on the individual’s insurance plan, the offered coverage will vary. On the bright side, a great number of insurance companies will provide coverage for at least part of the treatment cost.

In order to know if the insurance firm will provide coverage for rehab treatment, it is important for you to directly contact the insurance provider. The company will inform you of what services are covered by your plan, for what length of time, and also about what percentage of the treatment cost falls to you.

Private insurance isn’t government-subsidized. In some cases however, the firm may be obliged by the law to provide coverage for substance use rehab and mental health treatment.

This form of insurance is usually bit more expensive. However, you get a lot more options. This allows you to choose the best-fitting treatment for your lifestyle. For drug or alcohol rehabilitation options, your best bet is to go with private insurance.

If the patient has no access to private insurance, or his/her plan doesn’t cover treatment for substance abuse, the more favorable option is public insurance. With this plan, one can make rehab cost a bit more affordable.


Addiction Cost Vs. Rehab Cost

The thought of entering rehab and falling into debt scares a lot of people. However, once you break the numbers down, you’ll see that rehabilitation is actually a very cost-effect option.

Substance Abuse Cost:

Purchasing substances alone is enough to make some people bankrupt. Let’s take an alcoholic for example. If the individual drinks every single day, they can end up spending as much as $3000 on alcohol alone in a year. In ten years, this amounts to $30,000.

When it comes to drug addiction, the cost is much harder to determine. However, we can confidently say that it is a lot higher than alcohol.

Lost Income Cost:

Addiction creates a lot of problems in the workplace (including criminal fines). After an accident in the workplace, certain states permit the companies to perform a drug test. Even if there isn’t an accident, the individual in question will find it difficult to produce results. This will make it much harder for the patient to progress.

Health Issues Cost:

Excessive alcohol can be extremely damaging to the liver. Drugs such as meth, heroin and cocaine also cause a ton of issues in the body. Click here to learn more about effects of alcohol on the body.

Criminal charges and medical bills quickly build up especially if a road accident has just occurred. Roughly 40% of traffic deaths have alcohol involved. Rehab may seem very expensive. However, in the long run, you can save a lot of money.


The cost of rehabilitation often frightens a lot of people, and ends up preventing them from getting treatment; however, there is no need to worry. There are various suitable plans out there for different situations.

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