If Your Sex Life Turned Monotonous Then Go for Tantric Sex 

What comes to mind when you hear the words “tantra” and “tantric sex”? Is it the thought of losing hours and hours to slow, incredibly delightful sexual activity? 

Is it sting and sitcom characters, who practice yoga that has funny lines? That is where pop culture has misled us, we guess.

Today’s youth while revamping their sex life, feel the need for sexual surprise in their lovemaking. Boring sex may often lead to infidelity and sometimes even divorce. Yet this can be a trap that any long-term relationship may fall into easily, and very quickly, too.

Typically, when you think about a new age technique to sexuality and getting it on, images of bizarre yoga poses and chanting come to mind. Additionally, your nostrils may flare up in anticipation of the aroma of incense and aromatic candles, all while an experimental movie is playing in the background.

However, the thing about a thoughtful approach to indulging in orgasms and sexual gratification with your partner is that it does not have to feel wholly foreign or out of the ordinary.

Tantric sex actually refers to the blending of different energies, i.e., the vibes you are giving and the vibrations your lucky lady is giving your way, in its most basic definition.

The benefits of tantric sex go well beyond your romp sessions, although they don’t necessarily involve pheromones. They can actually not only deepen your connection as a couple, but also guide you down a path of increased happiness, fulfilment, and connectedness to your everyday life.

How do people enjoy sex these days?

  1. Dirty talking

Men and women alike enjoy engaging in nasty chat during sex. Always strive to use derogatory language to surprise the spouse, whether you are a guy or a girl.

  1. Morning sex

This one is geared toward women. Having sex, particularly in the morning can be one of the more crucial things to try during sex.

  1. Dressing up

Dressing up a little is another fantastic approach to add some surprise to your romantic relationships.

  1. Try out different positions

To get out of the same boring sex often men and women try different positions during sex.

  1. Use toys

Often the use of sex toys can also be used as a surprise element during sex.

  1. Involve foods

When the eyelids are closed during sex, the sense of both taste and touch inside the mouth is considerably more acute.

  1. Kiss every day

Though it does not involve sex directly but before or during sex you need to kiss a lot more.

Now you can take things to another level with tantra.

Don’t be upset if you have tried everything on the list above and your love life still is not burning as brightly as it once did. Tantra is a lovely instrument that may be used to your advantage both in and out of bed.

You can transition to the highest, most transcendental realms during your lovemaking sessions by working with energy, breath, and polarity. You can engage in sacred sexuality and even practice the highly prized art of sexual transformation.

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