How to Use Trunk Boxes to Make Your Home Clutter-Free

Trunk Boxes

Do you know what all our homes have in common? Yes, it’s the clutter and unwanted things we cannot seem to get rid of even after much effort. We still have more junk left in some corner or another even after trying to clear it almost every day. How is it possible? 

Well, let’s not try to figure out the mysteries of life. Instead, we’ll focus our energies on storing and hiding this junk right in the open without anyone spotting it. Sounds intriguing? 

Read on, then. 

Trunk boxes are a great invention. Our ancestors used them for centuries to store essential and non-essential items. We now use the same trunk boxes to decorate our homes and organise them. 

Don’t worry about an ugly trunk spoiling the beauty of the décor. There are well-decorated drunk boxes available in the market that will spice up your home. 

  • Living Room

You can easily buy basic and designer trunk boxes online. Pick the one made of wood, metal or a combination of materials. Use the trunk as a decorative table with the proper placement in the house. You can use the trunk to store extra cushions, sofa covers, vases, etc. You can also keep extra bedding for special occasions like parties and functions in the trunk. 

  • Bedroom

The trunk box in the bedroom works as a storage unit for blankets, pillows, bedsheets, etc. it will give you extra space in the wardrobe for your clothes. You can decorate it with photo frames, fresh flower vases, or your favourite books to read at night. Use the trunk box as a bedside table. 

  • Kids’ Room 

Are you always tripping over your kids’ toys in their room? You aren’t alone. Grab a couple of cute little trunk boxes in colourful designs for the kids’ room. Help your kid store their toys in the trunk box and take them out when playing. You can also store their older clothes, toys, books, etc., to give them away later on.

  • Kitchen 

Modular kitchens have enough shelves and cupboards to store everything you need. But Indian kitchens have various cookware and utensils that don’t fit in the existing cabinets. It’s necessary to keep them carefully. You will need them again when guests come over. A sturdy wooden trunk can store all the large utensils with ease. Moreover, the trunk will be placed on the ground, making it easy to take out the necessary cookware anytime you want. Focus on durability and strength when choosing a trunk box online for kitchens. 

  • Under the Stairs 

The space below the stairs is often cramped and not entirely usable. The trunk boxes can go in there to partly stay hidden from sight and store the living room decorative items. Keeping a trunk box under the staircase will ensure that you use the space in the best possible way.

  • Corridors 

Corridors and pathways are narrow spaces. Would it be wise to place a trunk box there? Yes. You just need to find one that fits on the side and doesn’t hurt your toes. Instead of setting up a decorative table in corridors, use a trunk box. It will double up as a stand and a storage box. This hallway trunk will also become the storage for the runners and carpets.

  • Bathrooms 

You can take the trunk box into the bathrooms too. Use them as cabinets to store your skincare products, space towels, etc. Since the space is prone to moisture, choose a trunk box made of anti-rust metal to prevent corrosion. That doesn’t mean you can not use wooden trunk boxes in bathrooms. Just don’t place them directly on the floor or close to a water source. 

  • Benches 

What do you think of trunk boxes that look like benches? Lovely, isn’t it? You can sit on the bench and store the clutter inside the hollow space. Moreover, you can move the trunk box bench anywhere in the house, from the living room to the bedroom or the kids’ room. Match the bench cushion with the sofa cushions to create a wholesome appearance. 

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