How to Keep Online Customers Loyal to Your Franchise?

The pandemic laid grounds for digital surge that revamped the way we do business. Guidelines of lockdown clearly forbid any kind of physical contact to avoid spread of coronavirus. It discouraged every business house to open their stores and welcome customers. So, how did business organizations sail through the havoc of coronavirus? Technology came to their rescue. Every business organization and its franchise started doing online business. This way they were able to retain their customers. Also, online business helped them attract a throng of new customers. No doubt, online business can  break geographical constraints that can help you gain a wide market share. 

You can see any education franchise around you, it started giving online classes to students from lockdown till now. Similarly, other businesses maintained their market share with the help of online trading. You can easily earn customers through attractive promotional offers and great marketing skills. However, the real skill comes when you are able to retain them for a long period of time. Are you flexing your mind on how to do that? To help you on this, we have penned down some effective tips in this article.

Here we have highlighted some important aspects that can aid in keeping online customers loyal to your franchise:

  1. Take help from data

Selling products online can help you collect meticulous data about your customers. Use that data for marketing and promotion. You may have the following data about your customers:

  • Email-address.
  • Phone numbers.
  • Pin-code number
  • Residential address etc.

You can easily suggest your new products to your customers by sending them emails or messages. Additionally, you can tell them your new offers and discounts by calling them directly. Also, you can encourage them to visit your store to avail better services and products. 

  1. Safety matters the most

Cleaning protocols have become a ritual, so keep it up. Note that your customers are buying your products online because it seems safe and easy to them. It is your duty to tell your delivery agents to maintain hygiene while delivering products. Ask them to wear a proper mask and sanitize the products before giving them out for sale. It can help you earn trust of your online customers and they’ll be encouraged to buy more products from you. This is the main thing that you need to focus on considering the spread of COVID-19. 

  1. Ask for feedback

It is highly important for you to know whether your customers are happy with you or not. Asking for feedback can encourage customers to present their views on your products and services. As you already have data of customers with yourself, use any of the following ways to ask honest feedback:

  • Direct call to customers.
  • Mail them some questionnaires.
  • Ask them to call on a toll free number.
  • Send a text on their phone
  • Add a pole on social media
  • Use a pop up survey.

It can help you review your business operations. As a result, you can make changes to areas where required. 

  1. Encourage customers to visit your store

Convincing online customers to visit your store is a toilsome task. They would never like to come out of their comfort store and walk to your store to buy products. So, how can you do that? The best way is to invite them to the launch of a new product and offer them some gift hampers. This is how you can win the hearts of your current customers and retain them for a long period of time. Also, you can easily get high profits in the long run. 

  1. Craft a smart social media strategy

There’s hardly any person who doesn’t use social media. It’s quite obvious that your customers also use social media. First of all, find out which is the most prominent social media platform. At present, people use facebook and instagram the most. Therefore, you can make attractive social media posts to capture the attention of customers. With the help of social media, you can easily promote your new products. Also, you can build a brand culture by engaging your customers in conversation on social media.  We can say that social media is a boon to business organizations these days. 

  1. Keep your covid-era services

Your customers may like to avail your services for long. For example: If you are running a coaching franchise, your students may prefer to attend physical classes. Currently, every institute is allowed to open and conduct face-to-face classes. Thus, you need to maintain proper hygiene in your institute. Also, ask your teachers to wear masks or get vaccinated. Social distance is the main thing you need to follow in your institute. This way students can feel safe and secure. Remember, you need to offer the same quality of services that you gave them online. It can help you earn the trust of your students. 


We hope that you have learnt the finest ways to attract and retain your online customers. Needless to say, customers rule the market. So, it should be your first priority to keep your customers happy. If you are dealing with any problem, then your franchisor can always help you with that. You just need to communicate about your problems with your franchiser. It is the duty of franchisers to train and support his/her franchisees and their staff. However, it doesn’t imply that you can sit free. You too have to make possible efforts and design some creative ideas for business. Take help from the above tips. 

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