How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse For You

gaming mouse

For someone who loves gaming, the best gaming mouse should be able to provide them with the smooth movements that they need. This is why you should choose a good DPI and optical tracking so that your movements will be smooth and accurate. Before you buy one though, make sure that you know which features really matter. There are 5 basic points that you should consider when buying your DPI and optical mouse.

O Gaming Mouse:

The two most important things in a Gaming Mouse are the buttons and the optical movement tracking. Most people would opt for something with a lot of buttons as they can be very efficient in pressing several functions at once. But having a huge number of buttons does not necessarily mean that they will be easier to use. A DPI that is a lot lower than that of your normal computing experience may cause you some problems.

O Wired or Wireless:

The second most important point to consider when buying a gaming mouse is whether it’s wireless or wired. The great thing about wireless mice is that you can move around freely without having to worry about wires. The wireless ones are also usually cheaper compared to wired ones. On the other hand, wired ones offer better tracking as they have a sensor embedded within them. Lately, some of the wireless mice available in the market have a small sensor that can be attached to a shirt. This sensor has a high-precision optical movement tracking system which can help you control your game easily.

O Optical Sensor:

The optical sensor is another feature that you should look for when buying your DPI gaming mouse. It helps provide a more precise movements and control, which will make you feel more comfortable while playing. Some DPI mice will have an optical sensor that has a higher DPI compared to others. However, it may take some time to adjust depending on your body’s weight and build.

O Continuous Charging Wireless:

If you are looking for a DPI gaming mouse that will stay in the market for a long time, then you might want to consider getting a wireless mouse with a constant charging feature. Most of these wireless units have a built-in lithium ion battery, which offers a long gaming time. What’s great about these batteries is that they don’t have to be replaced frequently unlike other batteries that can only last up to a year. In fact, many gaming mice with a constant charging feature can go for up to five years. The rechargeable batteries are great if you want to save money but still be able to play with your favorite games for a long time.

O Easy to Use Buttons:

Although most of gaming mice have standard buttons and a scrolling wheel, you will still want to invest in some buttons that will be easier to use. A great feature to look for is an R2D programming key which will allow you to configure many functions of your mouse. You can set up different task menus and hotkeys and even change the colors of the buttons. There are also some great gaming mice that include extra features such as a touch-sensitivity feature, which helps you navigate through menus and select items easier. Some even come with special lighting that can be used to highlight important areas of the screen. Check out the extra features that you can avail for your mouse if you want to be happy with its performance for a long time.

O Easy grip:

There are also some mice that have comfortable grips. These types of grips will allow your hand to be more relaxed and will prevent you from accidentally hitting buttons. Some of these types of grips also come with rubberized grips to provide better grip. The best gaming mouse will have a suitable grip to fit your hand, so make sure to check out the features of each one you consider.

O No Sticks or Collars:

Gaming mice that do not come with triggers or collars are usually preferred by most gamers. Since most gamers will tend to aim at their opponents using the mouse, having no trigger or no collar will let you aim at a target freely without any problems. This type of feature will ensure that you can react quickly in situations where your opponents may surprise you. The best ESL gaming mice will have no trigger or no collar. If you do not like this, check out other brands that may include them later on.

O Lightweight and Wireless:

There are many gaming mice that are light and compact, allowing you to place them easily on your desk or lap without having to worry about how they will appear next to your beloved PC. If you are a left-handed player, then this is an important factor that you must consider when purchasing your own wireless mouse.

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