Patio Upgrade: 2022 Designers’ Tips for Outdoor Spaces

Brisbane is among the subtropical dream destination in Australia with year-round sunlight and pleasant temperatures. Perfect for outdoor events, so people here love having favourable Patios, Brisbane style for all their family and friends get together.

If you can begin to think about redesigning your outdoor space because of the gatherings that happened last Christmas season, now would be the ideal time to plan your patio modifications for 2022. And there are some trends to consider whether you are merely working plan or ready to begin exploring your patio upgrade and other features for your outdoors.

Enhancing and revamping outdoor space (Joe Raboine)

The surge in outdoor recreation in 2021 indicates that homeowners are looking for more space and want it to be fashionable.

People want to expand their living spaces to relax and breathe fresh air. From a design point of view, they see outdoor spaces getting increasingly sophisticated and practical to fit today’s public’s tastes.

Geometric shapes and clean lines

When it relates to enhancing your patio to become a more contemporary setting, Raboine says that sleek lines are crucial for 2022.

According to him, modular, geometric shapes are popular because they have bright boundaries and an uncomplicated appearance. Flooring, for example, is becoming increasingly geometric, with patterns like polygons and checkerboard being introduced to add interest to the plan. Modular elements also simplify installation, allowing you to spend little time on the job and much time improving and enjoying your patio.

Elements with multiple functions and seasons

Brisbane offers the ideal climate for living outdoors, with an average yearly temperature of 26.4°C and the lowest temperature of 16°C. With these perfect temperatures, you will think of nothing but the outdoors.

Raboine also says that people want to make the most of their outdoor moments and enhance space.

The combination of features like lighting, music, and shading architecture make your patios useable no matter what season and time it is. Many people want to build more functional areas for everyday usage, but that does not mean they will not utilise them for gathering. Patios Brisbane style, such as outdoor dining, kitchens, and culinary features such as a small grilling island, oven, or bar, is ideal for entertaining.

Getting luxury upgrade

Scott Paterson, founder of BOKA and Sumo Outdoor Limited director, has observed something interesting about patio kitchens. They are not only flourishing, but they are also in need of considerable upgrades.

Big, premium, custom-built recreational zones will become a fad people can likely see in 2022. Designers already have seen increased demand for large patio kitchens and bar runs, including washers, wine kegs, outdoor refrigerators, and mega grills. Luxurious custom homes will continue in 2022. Quality and style will be the rule of each day to transform outdoor areas into a perfectly functioning ‘adults’ playground.

Colour experimentation

Colour will keep on playing a significant role in the overall style. Monochromatic colour palettes with varied shades from the same colour, as well as flashes of colour in patio furniture, flowers, and other decorations, are an exciting trend you will witness. Designers’ also noticed that several homeowners are leaning toward rich colour in the landscape, with rich charcoal shades used for patio walks, permeable pavements, and more.

The heart of the city is as friendly and comforting as the weather. Brisbane is one ideal location for tourists to explore various activities, including sports, picnicking in parks, hillwalking, water activities, and other peaceful entertainment, thanks to its over 300 days of sunlight per year.

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