How does TMS Therapy Treatment work?

Your treatment is our first focus at Park Avenue TMS. We’re committed to giving you all of the tools and information you need to make your TMS therapy treatment as pleasant and successful as possible. Every step of the journey, our helpful team is there to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Dr. Gold meets with each patient for a thorough consultation. If you choose for TMS, you will be allocated a personal technician who will personalize your therapy and plan your sessions around your schedule. Park Avenue TMS at the Gold Center is open seven days a week and is highly accommodating in finding hours that work for you.

How effective is TMS treatment?

TMS was found to be beneficial for treating depression in 30 clinical studies involving 2,000 participants. 58 percent of patients treated with TMS improved significantly in a real-world naturalistic study1

TMS provided alleviation from depressive symptoms for 37% of those who had it2

When compared to persons treated with antidepressants alone, people treated using TMS were 2-4 times as likely to achieve recovery from depressive symptoms3

After a year, 62.5 percent of persons treated with TMS who reported alleviation continued to improve4

Step-by-Step of TMS

Preliminary Phone Screening

Please contact us for a brief phone assessment if you’d like to begin treatment.

We’ll obtain some basic information and inquire about your insurance coverage, as well as address any questions you may have, during your initial chat. We’ll contact you again when we’ve contacted your insurance carrier to discuss insurance coverage and payment alternatives.

Pre-Treatment Consultation

Dr. Gold will use this appointment to get to understand you, your symptoms, and your medical history to evaluate if TMS is the right treatment choice for you. She will go through every step of the procedure in detail. We will submit a pre-authorization with your insurance company and manage your insurance coverage after this visit. If required, we can also work with you to set up an out-of-pocket payment plan.

Brain Mapping + First Treatment

The mapping of the patient’s brain to identify where the spot on the head should be stimulated is the first stage in a successful TMS therapy. Dr. Gold will utilize the TMS device to emit magnetic pulses and record the brain’s reaction during the mapping session until the ideal spot is found. This appointment will last around 1.5 hours and will include both the mapping and the first TMS session.

6-Week Treatment Course

For six weeks, patients come in just for therapy five days a week (Monday-Sunday). Following the mapping, successive sessions last around 20 minutes. Our treatment rooms are created with your comfort in mind, and we encourage you to unwind, watch TV, or listen to music during your sessions. To track improvement, patients are requested to complete a weekly evaluation. The technician may do a re-mapping to increase therapy efficacy if it is deemed essential at any stage during treatment.

3-Week Taper Period

A three-week taper period follows the six-week therapy session. Patients A three-week taper period follows the six-week therapy session. In the seventh week, patients will need to come in for three TMS treatments, two sessions in the eighth week, and one last session in the ninth week.

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