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Various brands offer perfumes that have the principal note of blossoms. But, these perfumes are costly and can cost much more than $115.00. Are you aware that Dossier.co has made various Flowerbomb fragrances inside the United States that rival the beautiful scent of the top perfume brands?

If you are interested in purchasing Dossier’s perfume, including its cost and attributes? However, preceding purchasing would you like to review the Flowerbomb’s Perfume Dossier.co Reviews?

The Flowerbomb fragrance

Flowerbomb Perfume accessible from Dossier.co is a tribute to the Flowerbomb perfume made by Viktor and Rolf. A scent comprises made out of three notes, and is trailed by a mix of top notes alongside center notes and the essential notes. It’s designed to be a ladylike scent that is reasonable for gatherings and night occasions.

How would I use Flowerbomb Perfume?

  • You can decide to wear a solitary fragrance (or) the mix comprising of at least 2 scents.
  • Open the cap of the jug of perfume.
  • Apply the perfume to your skin.
  • If you are utilizing different perfumes apply them many ones onto your face.

Flowerbomb Parfum Dossier.co Read a Review for Specifications

  • Brand – Dossier
  • Item name : Gourmand White Flowers
  • Bottle size 1.7 1 oz/50ml
  • Unique cost $29 $29
  • Cost after markdown – $17.40
  • Notes on the fundamental page Main notes Vanilla, Caramel Flowers, Caramel, Vanilla
  • Strength : Vegan Colorant, UV Filter, and Non-poisonous, Paraben and without phthalate
  • Fixings Ingredients Ambroxan, Cashmeran, Dihydromyrcenol Muscenone Ethylmaltol, Ethyl Vanillin, Sandalore, Vanillin, Cedramber, Linalyl Acetate, Musk T, Beta Ionone, Iso E Super, Linalol, Ethyl Linalool, Osyrol, Patchouli Ess, Bergamot Ess, Benzyl Salicylate, the Benzoin Siam Res.
  • Concentration: 18%

The Benefits of Flowerbomb’s Perfume:

  • One perfume can give the scent of many blossoms.
  • Flowerbomb Parfum Dossier.co Examine Reviewfinds that you smell Bergamot, Green Tea, Freesia, Berries in the top notes.
  • It smells like White Flowers, Orchid, Rose.
  • The scent of the base note is Musk, Patchouli, Caramel, Vanilla.
  • Free delivery and a 40 percent rebate.
  • Dossier.co offers the opportunity to win $500 in Sign-up credits.
  • Cashback offers of up to $22.90 when you pay utilizing Catch.

The disadvantages of Flowerbomb Perfume

  • A combination of different notes can make disturbance.
  • It is reasonable for occasions at night, however not expected for everyday use.
  • The perfume is classified under a weighty fragrance assortment with prevalent notes.

Does Flowerbomb Perfume Effective and Worthwhile?

We give you an abundance of data with respect to the Flowerbomb perfume Dossier.co Review about the item and its name beneath.

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  • Dossier.co has been working as a web-based store for north of 9 years, with a typical trust score of 76 percent. It’s a significant positive viewpoint on the standing of Dossier.co.
  • This Flowerbomb Perfume is from the Dossier brand.
  • The Dossier is the main one to have an appearance in TikTok, Instagram.
  • There are more than 22600 adherents of Dossier through social media websites.

Information about the item:

  • This Flowerbomb Perfume from Dossier is accessible on an assortment of shopping websites like Walmart.
  • They also sell them on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Flowerbomb perfume Dossier.co review Reviewascertained it is Viktor as well as Rolf perfumes propelled Dossier’s design.
  • There are various varieties of Flowerbomb fragrances from Dossier.
  • This Flowerbomb Perfume from Dossier is all around adored by numerous customers since it’s like the notes of costly brands.
  • Flowerbomb Perfume by Dossier got a positive in general rating on the web, social media along with YouTube.

Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier.co customers Review:

There are 24 reviews on believed review websites, which have 2.9/5 stars. On shopping websites, for example, Walmart there are 241 reviews giving 4.5/5 stars. Various recordings on YouTube feature that it is a similarity to the notes from Viktor as well as Rolf’s, however it’s not precisely. Flowerbomb perfume Dossier.co Reviews Reviewvideos uncover that it’s less expensive with $29.00 than some other perfume from Viktor and Rolf that is valued more noteworthy than $100.00.

Different reviews on the web were evaluated Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier at 4/5 stars. The site has 665 client reviews. Dossier.co with 4.5/5 stars. Positive input is many times posted on social media stages like Facebook. It is a top site with an Alexa position of 61084.

Most of negative reviews notice wiping out of request, postpone in conveyance, unfortunate client care No discount, cracked bottles and ruined bundling. The client whined that the receipts were gone shortly.


The Flowerbomb perfume Dossier.co review observes that the perfume is a certifiable productas many customers accepted their conveyance through Dossier and social media promoting, and other internet shopping websites. Obviously Dossier is a respectable brand that has a decent trust score, and has been around for an impressive timeframe. The general reviews for the items are not perfect.

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