Nine Gift ideas for this Christmas 2021

Already looking for your Christmas presents? It is always best to do this in advance. You will know how to avoid last-minute stress by ensuring that all your purchases are delivered to you in time for a wonderful New Year’s Eve. What’s more, some exceptional gifts can take time to be made, such as artisanal jewelry made by hand and to order.

At the Gemstone Jewelers workshop, we believe that a piece of jewelry is the most beautiful gift to give to a woman. It accentuates her natural beauty while allowing her to feel feminine. With a few exceptions, the fairer sex will always be delighted to discover some treasures of the best jewelry has to offer under the tree.

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And since every woman has her unique tastes, choosing THE perfect piece can be a complicated task. This is the reason why we offer you this list of gift ideas to make sure you please:

1. Jewelry with Diamond

This is a must-have classic. Diamonds impress at first glance with their brilliance and because of their great hardness, they can be worn daily without losing the beauty that characterizes them. If you are looking for a versatile and timeless accessory, then a pair of stud earrings will be a wise choice. And for more originality, we recommend a variation of colored diamonds, such as black diamonds.

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2. Necklace set with precious stones

A gold chain sublimated by its pendant gem is a remarkable gift and not only for the Christmas holidays. With a necklace, you will not have to worry about the size of the jewel and can also choose the stone according to the month of birth or the favorite color of your loved one for whom it will be intended. Our most popular models are set with dark blue sapphires, green emeralds, and scarlet rubies.

3. Natural pearls

These treasures from the depths of seas and rivers are perfect for end-of-year gifts. And don’t be fooled by the idea that mother-of-pearl is getting old. The pearl jewelry from the Gemistone Jewelers workshop offers them to you in a reinvented contemporary style. For example, you can choose between a delicate pendant or a ring with its central pearl and diamonds.

4. Jewelry from the E-Cut collection

To surprise your girlfriend, we invite you to find inspiration among the pieces of the E-cut designer collection. This one offers you jewels set with both minimalist and radiant moissanite. The ideal choice for a modern gift for those who like to follow new trends.

5. Heart Pendant

There is no better way to express your love than through its timeless symbol. The necklaces decorated with hearts are among the most popular jewels of our home and this throughout the year. This minimalist accessory can be worn on many occasions and it will reflect your affection. And for an ultra-romantic combination, opt for rose gold.

6. Deluxe Sets

Does this Christmas represent a turning point in the life of your couple? Do you want to stand out with an exceptional piece of jewelry? So our matching jewelry sets will meet your expectations and those of your other half. Developed by our team of designers, our sets will give you the certainty that each piece can be worn in combination with the others.

7. Minimalist stud Earrings

It’s hard to find more versatile and timeless pieces than diamond stud earrings. You can find them in a completely minimalist style or more original with various shapes, for example, the star or the triangle. Confused about which lip gloss to buy? Want to know more about the trendiest shades that are ruling the beauty charts today? Well, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you identify the 10 best lip glosses available in India.

8. Gold Hoop Earrings

Gold hoops are eternal. And although they fluctuate in importance in the trends of the moment, they are one of those pieces that will never go out of fashion. We recommend that you choose one from our models with a moderate diameter, as these can complement a wider variety of facial shapes.

9. A Marriage Proposal For Christmas

The Christmas period is one of the most popular for making a marriage proposal. If you are also thinking of taking the first step, then our engagement rings will help you. A timeless classic consists of a white gold ring set with its solitaire diamond or black diamond engagement rings.

Christmas shopping at Gemistone Jewelers

If you have opted for a piece from our Christmas collection, then we invite you to order as soon as possible. Our custom-made parts take 3 weeks to reach your home. And if you are in a last-minute situation, we invite you to consult our parts in stock, which can be dispatched the following day.

With the purchase of any Gemstone Jewelers, you will receive a certificate of authenticity as well as an elegant case. As part of our after-sales service, you also get a Free Shipping service on your all orders. And if you are still unsure of the ideal part, please note that any part purchased can be returned or exchanged within easy 15 – 30 days of placing the order.

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