If you’re a big lover of Jenni Rivera, you might be wondering what you can find out more about her former husband. The great news is that she did not cheat with her husband. The couple was married in 1985, and they have four girls. The first daughter arrived on the 26th of June, 1985, and she graduated from high school on the same day. The second daughter was born in 1989. While she has separated from her spouse, she and her family remain close.

Jenni Rivera’s first marriage was to her 20-year-old Trino Marin, who was involved in an affair lover. They were became married in 1992, as did their child Chiquis was born in the year 2000. The marriage was troubled for several reasons, such as allegations of cheating with Jenni. The husband was said to have stolen cash from her and then abused her; however, Jenni did not learn of this until 1997.

Their first wedding was a tragedy that ended with a divorce. Their children were sexually assaulted, and Jenni suffered heart attacks when she gave birth to the couple’s first baby. Unfortunately, the marriage was not successful, and Jose is still in trouble in the court system. However, he’s an uninvolved man after having served time in prison.

After their separation, Jenni and Esteban had one loved child. The youngest daughter of the singer, Chiquis, is still in a relationship with Esteban. The singer, who’s still making music, is now the proud owner of five grandchildren. The two children of the singer are his sole grandchildren. They also are the parents of two additional daughters. They had a lengthy and prosperous relationship. However, they split up in divorce.

Before getting married, Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband had an uneasy relation and Jose Loaiza. They were wedding in the year 1992. After their split, Jenni was pregnant with her first child. Both parents were parents at a young age. In addition, the mother of both children, Johnny, had been exposed to their relationship for the past ten years. The couple’s daughter had her birth in 1993, and the couple divorced in 2002.

Following the breakup, they had two kids. They later got married to Chilean football player Esteban Loaiza. The couple was just 43 years old when Esteban Loaiza passed away, and she became famous as an artist. She also had one girl together with Juan Loaiza. The mother of both kids, Chiquis, recently came out as a gay male. Shortly after her wedding with Rivera and Rivera broke up, and their children were given to various men.

In addition to getting together, Jenni and Jose had an infant together. They had two daughters. However, they divorced in the year 2012. They did not get along with one another. Their marriage lasted nine years, and they had a daughter. They had a daughter. Chiquis was age 11 when they got married. They have been separated for a while. They filed for divorce in October 2012, and the child was cheating with each of their parents.

Jose Rivera was a former professional baseball player. His teams included Dodgers, White Sox, and Yankees. Jenni also had a daughter. The couple split in 2012, as did Jennifer also had two sons with her ex-husband. Although she was never cheating with her husband, her ex-husband was cheating.

While Jenni has an estimated net worth of $22.5 million, her husband, Jose, has faced several legal troubles. He’s had accusations of molestation as well as vandalism. The father of his son is called Juan “Johnny” Angel, who was only 11 years young in the year Jenni and Trinidad Marin got married. They were together for eight years before they split in February of this year.

Jose Rivera was married several times before her death. She got married to Esteban Loaiza in 2010, but she was not legally divorced. Her two children remain divorced from Jose. Jose Lopez filed for divorce in 2012 and received a sentence of six years in prison for smuggling illegal immigrants to the US. After that, she was detained and later died in a plane crash.

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