Custom Keychains: Advantages For Advertising?

The Custom keychain is one of the most popular items in the promotional gadget market. We all have keys: we keep them in our pockets or purse, taking them to the office, to the car, to home. It is an object of daily use and is, therefore, the right gift idea to promote your business, your event and your advertising campaigns. 

But how is it possible to create a unique and custom keychain that stands out from all the products on the market? It’s easy; to discover all models, materials, all shapes and colors. Choose the gift that best suits your needs and give your perfect advertising item. What are you waiting for? choose the best online store for custom keychains.

Custom Keychains, All The Benefits

The reason why custom keychains are so appreciated by everyone and represent one of the main categories chosen to promote the brand of your company, for inaugurations or to create beautiful favors for anniversaries such as first communions or baptisms, and much more is undoubtedly the their beauty which makes them a fashion accessory. But another very valid reason is the low price; we are talking about cheap Custom keychains while being made with high quality materials such as crystal or steel. For many models there are also quantity discounts, so the purchase of more pieces of the same project will lower the price given the discount applied.

Custom Keychains Types

The Custom keychain is an inexpensive gift and comes in a myriad of shapes and materials. The customizable key rings that we offer are made from a choice of eco leather, real leather, wood, plastic, plexiglass, steel and felt.

The steel custom keychains offer strength and durability for years to come (it will never rust or fade), but it also has a stylish look which makes it ideal if you want to gift something precious and long-lasting at the same time. 

The key chains in eco leather are perfect for printing with photos of any kind, while the key rings in real leather are suitable for engravings of phrases, names and initials and are particularly suitable for a man. 

The leather custom keychains are the most resistant of all and over time they will take on an even darker color typical of “aged” leather. 

The wooden custom keychains are very beautiful and give a very “warm” effect, however they are less resistant than steel and leather key rings and will tend to get more scratched over time. But they are certainly an economical option to make an original and thoughtful present. 

The plexiglass custom keychains, on the other hand, are certainly the most modern and combine both low cost and maximum yield, both printed and engraved. The plexiglass is available in various colors, from transparent to mirror metallic, passing through pastel pink and opaque black. 

Thanks to these varieties, it is particularly suitable for any type of personalization, especially through printing. The shapes of keychains to customize that you can choose from: heart, round, square, rectangular, with a thin plate, medal, but also in the shape of an animal, a car, a four-leaf clover, a key.

Custom keychains with photos for all occasions

The Custom keychains with photos are cared for in every detail and are perfect gadgets to use on all occasions. They are ideal for those who want to advertise a company and at the same time are the ideal gifts for those who want to amaze, for example, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

You can choose them for anniversaries such as baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties or religious events to use as wedding favors, thank you gifts or donate them as promotional gadgets during a social event.

The wide choice of models, shapes, sizes and graphics allows anyone to create the key ring that best suits their needs in a few clicks and directly online, without downloading any software or programs. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake when choosing your Custom keychain. 

What models of Custom keychains can I choose?

Discover the best selection of customizable keychains in metal and plastic, but not only. Give LED keychains or bottle openers, or discover the different shapes of customizable wooden keychains. Surprise your customers by giving them a quality keychain with an original shape. 

How to proceed with the purchase of my Custom Advertising Keychains?

Buying your Custom key rings online is very simple. Choose the model that best suits your needs, select the color, print position and quantity and send us a message for customization. Only when you are happy will we start production. What are you waiting for? Buy now on Wikibags.

Custom Key Ring For Hotel And B&B

You can also make the perfect keychain for your Hotel and B2B. We have no minimum numbers for customization and you can make two or three key rings for your Bed and Breakfast rooms, one different from the other!

Can I make Custom key rings with my logo?

You can print images, logos or texts on the keychain. We advise you not to insert too small characters, to avoid that the printout is illegible. 

Why use the printed keychain as a gadget?

The custom keychains are one of the most popular items in the promotional gadget market, as everyone uses them. But to distinguish your keychain from all the others, it must be truly original. Here you will find many types to choose from, to create a beautiful and unique accessory. You can also buy a single keychain. 

Is there a maximum number of colors that I can use for printing my advertising keychain? 

You can use any image, without limitation of colors, for the personalization of the keychain. The printing technique allows you to reproduce the photos in full color, leaving the original colors or logo of the image unaltered. This print does not involve cost differences based on the number of colors used.

How long will it take to receive my order? 

Production and delivery times depend on your option at the time of order completion. If you want to receive the keychain urgently, you can choose a priority procedure, which involves the departure of the product, even on the day of the order.

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