Family holidays are must to keep the bondage among the family members intact. This is why people plan for family holidays. But many of them have the conception that these family holidays may cost those lots of money. The actuality is something different and the costs for the family holidays into the best places of the globe may surprise you.

Among the most pocket-friendly Sailing holidays, a trip to the queensland island holidays for couples takes the place towards the top of the list. The warm weather and the steady flow of wind make the trip a heavenly experience for you. Whatever be the type of yacht you hire for your holiday, you will have to definitely agree that this is a sailor’s paradise

You can sail through the calm current of the waters of the Virgin Gorda and bring out the mooring ball that is famous for the dramatic shape. Since this area is very close to the Caribbean islands, you can also have a trip to the pirate’s bay in your imagination. Here are some unique offers for the sailing enthusiasts like the sun-soaked beaches, pirate bars, and sheltered islands along with the shipwrecks that are enough for a jaw-dropping experience. The most important thing is the cost which is nearly $2000 for a 7-night trip – check out some other guide prices here.

●        Bahamas

After a long pause in the sailing holiday packages, the trip towards Exuma in the Bahamas has been reopened. There are nearly 365 islands along with cays and is not very far from the coast of Cuba. The archipelago is very famous as you can find three-footed iguanas, swimming pigs. This coast will also offer you some great diving spots where you can dive to experience the underwater life of the sea coasts. Here are some onshore and offshore entertainment packages for you along with the protected marine parks. The sailing conditions are blowing mind-blowing here. The constant presence of the trade wind and the most comfortable temperature is very much comfortable for the sailing holidays. The distance between the starting point Nassau and the destination is nearly 40 miles and thus it can be really an adventurous trip for the sailors. Now last but not least, the cost of this holiday will not cross $4000 per head.

●        Marina Agana

The Croatian coastline comprises several eye-attracting sites and among them, Marina Agana is the most popular one situated in the Marina Village. You can plan your trip around this area making The Marina Agana your base so that you can explore the scattered island located in this area. These islands are not less than 1000 in numbers and form a structure of a necklace of pearls. Not only the sea sights but the offshore sites are also very much entertaining. The terracotta roofs and rough-hewn stone walls will captivate you all senses. The most important thing about this trip is that it won’t cost you a lot but you will have to pay a mare $1000 for every person for a 7-night trip.

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