Properties Of Bergamot Essential Oil

Swap to bergamot the following time you’re in the fragrance department, and we’re guessing you’ll notice it wherever. Its fresh perfume not only mixes very well in a variety of different oils, but it also takes you to the orchards of Southern Italy. Who wouldn’t want it in spritzable form? However, there are a slew of other health advantages that keep folks going back for more.

Six Advantages of Bergamot Essential Oil 

1. It improves your mood 

Bergamot is popular in most of the brightest, warmest Essential Oil Blends since it has an immediate influence on serotonin (the stress hormone), soothing anxiety and boosting mood. This is in addition to the energizing citrus aroma one has when they breathe it, so imagine de-stressing and calming, assisting you in feeling peaceful, powerful, and in control. Oh, as well as the aroma is so redolent of the Italian hills where it’s cultivated that it’ll lift your spirits like a beam of sunlight.

2. Reduces gridlock 

Bergamot, like many of its citrus siblings, is an antispasmodic and works well in a diffuser for air purification – it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial, and if you’re having trouble inhaling, a few sprays in your vaporizer might just be what you need. When you’re inhaling better, some other bergamot advantages kick in, and the anti-anxiety benefits take over, making you feel more relaxed overall.

3. It’s good for your stomach. 

We’re all too aware of the crucial link between a healthy brain and a healthy gut, so we’ll take advantage of each opportunity to assist. Whilst also there isn’t much scientific research in this region, there is more than enough anecdotal evidence. Bergamot peel has been used in conventional Chinese medication for decades to pacify an irritated tummy and battle foodborne illnesses. To help digestion, combine bergamot with a carrier oil such as almond and lightly massage it into your stomach.

4. Skin-care products 

Bergamot is antibacterial and antifungal, so if acne is a problem for you, try mixing bergamot with your other essential oils. It’s a dry oil that absorbs quickly and is non-comedogenic, so it won’t block your follicles and exacerbate your issue. If you must use bergamot in your skincare routine, do it exclusively in the evenings because it can leave you extra susceptible to sun exposure.

5. Scalp and hair 

Apart from the wonderful aroma, bergamot essential oil has antimicrobial and non-comedogenic characteristics that make it a great essential oil for hair development. It cleanses and nourishes your scalp, encouraging hair development, but we all understand that a healthy scalp equals good hair! 

6. Get some rest 

Though bergamot isn’t among the initial essential oils that come to mind when thinking of sleep essential oils. Its anti-anxiety properties can be very helpful in getting ready for bed. It assists you to move from ‘on’ mode to rest and joy by lowering your blood pressure and soothing a busy mind as a relaxing component of the citrus family. That’s on top of alleviating aches, pains, and allergies. This can only imply one thing.

Some quick hints 

Do you want to work from home? Try diffusing just a few sprays of Black Pepper & Young Living Bergamot Essential Oil Mix in the vaporizer not only to make your house workplace smell great but also to improve your optimism. 

For a happy present time when you’re out and about. Keep a bergamot-based aroma in your bag or just a few drops on your mask. 

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