19 Cricket Betting: Strategy and System Tips

Among the variety of sports bets offered by modern bookmakers, cricket bets occupy a separate place in popularity. This non-contact team sport is distinguished by a multi-million army of fans. Cricket is quite popular in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. After football, cricket occupies an honorable second place as the most demanded game in the world. Variable bets on the success of the team and individual players can be made at https://parimatch.in/en/cricket/live.

The game originated long ago, back in the 16th century in southern England. Thanks to the colonialists of Britain, the game spread and became popular. Rates of true fans of sports fun provide a significant share of the budget of Britain, Australia, and Asia. At the same time, more than 70% of players enjoy live matches.

The nuances of playing cricket

Let’s remember the basic rules. The Play 2 teams, each of which has 11 players. The elliptical field contains a “pitch” in the center – a circular marking (20 m).

The task of the teams is to serve and hit the balls in turn. There are one attacker + and 10 regular players. A pair of batsmen simultaneously participate in the attack, which is located on the pitch opposite each other.

The task of the attacking player is to score the maximum number of “runs” (runs) in over 6 innings before getting into touch. The batsman needs to reflect the ball in such a way as to take him away from the opposing team or bring him to the boundary of the field.

The sports term “innings” means a team’s attack that lasts until 10 batsmen are put out of action. This happens when the ball is caught by the opponent, the batsman’s wicket is hit, etc.

Bet types

Cricket bets are quite diverse. Consider their main types:

  • the outcome of the match in three ways: win, lose or draw;
  • handicap: a gamer predicts the advantage of a certain team in case of victory;
  • double chance: similar to the “outcome” bet, however, it involves summing up a pair of the most probable match outcomes with lower odds;
  • totals – involve a bet for a certain number of overs: forecasts, both general and individual;
  • player statistics;
  • match statistics;
  • on the 1st innings: the rate includes all of the above types, very popular with a long game of several days;
  • draw – the simplest prediction, providing 50/50 chances. The gamer must guess the attacking team.

Observation of the rescue

What features of the game must be taken into account to predict correctly?

  • Draw: The attacking team has a big advantage. Everything is simple, like in chess, where “White starts and … wins”. Professional bettors often choose a live game based on the results of the draw, betting on the exclusion of one of the significant factors.
  • Experienced players also take into account the state of the playing field and the quality of coverage of the base area – pitch. Thus, a more even pitch gives an increased chance of hitting the ball cleanly.
  • Weather affects the duration and success of the match. If it rains, then the cricket match will not take place. Therefore, weather conditions, combined with the results of the draw, provide an excellent reason to think about who is more likely to win. The duration of the match in bad weather is significantly reduced, which makes adjustments when betting on overs.
  • Being on your own or someone else’s field. According to statistics, the receiving team most often wins, which is already used to serving and hitting balls on its pitch.
  • Professionals prefer long matches. For several days, you can observe the weather conditions, the degree of wear of the playing field and the ball, the results of the draw, the state of the host and attacking teams, and the best batsmen.
  • Batters watch the ball change: the new one flies further after being hit by the bat and has more maneuverability.

It is worth remembering that no strategy gives a 100% result, however, when playing at a bookmaker in a live format, a better one can bet on his powers of observation and predict more successfully.

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