Tips to Capture Your Little One Like a Professional Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photographer

Your little bundle of joy is nothing but a sight for the eyes. He or she is the center of your world and seems to add the magic to your life that you were missing all along. But the moment you decide to take a photo, they turn around and make fussy faces that, well, ruin the idea completely.

Many of us hire a Newborn Photographer to get the perfect photoshoot of our little one and well, those photos are worth a thousand words. But if you are willing to give it a try on your own, then we have some good news for you.

We have compiled some tips that can help you capture your baby, just like a pro newborn photographer. Just remember to be patient and do not lose your head. It will all come together gradually. Also, it is best if you meal prep a day before because you will need quite some time, up your sleeves to get this done.

And if you rather book a professional, then we would highly recommend Tunde Kugler Photography, as they do it the best.

1. Lighting:

The most important key to capture your baby like a pro newborn photographer is focusing on proper light. A photographer has multiple tools for themselves. If you have light tools; that is great. But if you don’t then you must take advantage of daylight or specifically of golden hours.

If your baby sleeps during the golden hours, then you can certainly set them in a position that is photo friendly and makes them look magical. NEVER try to take photos in your room. They are insufficient and create poor quality images. The first step is to priorities light over everything else.

2. Keep the baby HAPPY:

If your baby is up and you are afraid that they might not cooperate then you need to make them happy. Place their favorite toys around them or make sure that you have your husband or any friend with you, to help you. They can keep the kid entertained and make them smile too.

Also, it is best if you start in the early hours and dedicate an entire day to this because you are not a professional newborn photographer and it will take some time to pace up. Or else, you can just create your own pace. Give it some days and gradually create photos.

3. Go into Details:

Newborn babies are eye-catching. Their tiny hands, their eyes and even their nails are pleasing to the eye. Thus, why not capture those details? A newborn photographer never fails to capture some amazing detail shots for their clients’ babies.

And these images usually leave the clients happiest too. Also if you are working on details and close-ups, then macro lens is the best. We know you might not use it much but it can create some of the best shots ever. So put it to use.

4. Experiment with Angles:

Stop changing the setup again and again. Have you ever noticed how a newborn photographer, makes the best out of the setup that they get? They just change their angles and perspectives. Walk around and see what angles you can get.

Try some photos from the shadowed side. If he/she is sleeping, try getting their photos from the back or capture their hands only. Experiment as much as you can and you will see some incredibly eye catching images coming to life.

5. Try going Outdoors:

We suggest that you do not do this alone. Make sure that you have your partner along with you or maybe some friends to help you out. The best thing about being outdoors is that you get to play with a lot of possibilities. Your creativity gets freedom and you will see how magical the photographs turn out to be.


To photograph like a pro, you need to make sure that you are being patient. This is a time taking process. Even the best Baby Photoshoot didn’t become one, overnight. Give your baby some time and try doing it in breaks or after every few hours when your baby is in a good mood or is sleeping. Also, don’t forget to have a good camera as well because no matter what everyone says, we all know that a professional camera does the magic, for sure. The HD quality makes everything seem nicer.

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