What Does the Future Hold for Bathroom Remodeling?

Homeowners are always looking to add comfort and value to their homes. Over the past few years, remodeling and upgrading our bathrooms has become a popular choice. From upgrading natural stone countertops to high-quality mirrors or cabinets, homeowners have plenty of choices. But what does the future hold for bathroom remodeling? We’ve put together a quick guide on bathroom remodeling for our readers.

What we see in the future for bathroom remodeling is a shift from emphasizing materials and fixtures to focusing on function. People are paying less attention to buying luxury or expensive brands and more attention to how it will work. They’re looking at ways to make their lives easier, and bathrooms are becoming a big part of it.

Trends in Bathroom Remodeling 

As we move into the future, bathroom remodeling is evolving to match homeowners’ changing needs and desires. Many of these trends are intuitive and easy to update to incorporate into your home.

1. Going Green

It’s not a new idea that modern homeowners want eco-friendly options in their homes. It’s no surprise that consumers are looking for more sustainable choices for their bathrooms. This can mean swapping traditional materials with recycled or sustainable alternatives like bamboo. Many companies produce products with low water consumption when it comes to fixtures. And let’s not forget: plants! A few potted plants can brighten up any space while helping cleanse the air we breathe.

2. Minimalist Style and Aesthetics

Minimalism is having its moment in home design. More and more homeowners express interest in this clean, uncluttered aesthetic. You can achieve a minimalist look by incorporating natural light, neutral colors, and clean lines. The elements of minimalism are increasingly being seen in bathroom remodels everywhere. Try wall-mounted faucets if you’re interested in this trend but aren’t sure where to start. These give the appearance of more space or a sleek waterfall shower head that will keep your shower experience both clean and relaxing.

3. Open Concept Bathrooms

By knocking down walls or increasing the size of your bathroom, you can create a more open space with a streamlined look. You can have both a bathtub and shower in an open-concept bathroom or two modern sinks side by side. It will be easier to clean and maintain this type of bathroom because there are fewer places for dirt and grime to accumulate. An open concept is also more accessible for people with disabilities or those who need help getting around the house.

4. Smart Technology

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We live in an age where our phones can tell us how far away we are from home and how many calories we burned at a yoga class this morning. It’s only natural that more people expect their homes to incorporate innovative technology. This includes features like toilets with automatic lids, ceiling showerheads with built-in thermostats, unique bathroom faucets that turn on automatically when you enter the room, and more. It’s predicted that these features will become increasingly common in bathrooms. Don’t be surprised if you see them in more public restrooms too!

5. Aging in Place

An aging population means that many people are looking for ways to make their homes more accessible and safer. This often means widening doorways, installing grab bars in tubs or showers, choosing less slippery tiles, and choosing easy-to-use fixtures. Grab bars can even be installed without drilling into tile, so they don’t have to be unsightly metal bars protruding from the walls.

6. Heated Flooring

Few things can compare with stepping onto a warm surface underfoot when it comes to luxury. Heated floors are not only cozy; they are also very energy-efficient. A good tip when installing heated floors is to use small tiles on top of an underlayment made for heated flooring. This helps prevent cracking in the tiles and keeps them warm for longer periods.

7. Lighting That Mimics Natural Light

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While most bathrooms only have artificial lights, new technology makes it possible to get closer than ever to natural light in your bathroom. You can adjust LED bulbs to give off warm or cool tones. You can choose between lightings like what you’d find at sunrise or sunset. The atmosphere created by these lights is soothing. As a bonus, LED technology is much more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs.

8. Luxurious Showers

Showers are now the most common choice for bathroom remodeling projects, thanks to their versatility. Showers can fit into any size or shape of bathroom space and have a vast array of styles and finishes to choose from. They can be as straightforward or as elaborate as your budget allows you. If you have a small space, you might opt for a stand-up shower with glass doors and wall niches for storing soap and other bath essentials. But, if you have an expansive master bath, you can install a shower wide enough to hold seating areas with a widespread bathroom faucet.

9. Spas and Soaking Tubs

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The modern spa look has been popular for some years now, but soaking tubs are a growing trend. They are large enough to immerse you in water, and they provide a space where you can relax and unwind at the end of the day. You may consider installing a meditation space or reading nook around your tub. This can help create an environment conducive for relaxation. It may also be worth investing in aromatherapy or other products that use scents to enhance your bath experience.

To Wrap Things Up

Ultimately, bathroom remodeling will be determined by the people who need it. As technology advances, so does bathroom design. For a long time, designing a bathroom was limited to how you could use space and think creatively with plumbing and other materials. 

But that’s no longer the case. You can add extra style or luxury to any bathroom with modern bathtub designs, rain head showers, heated floors and gold bathroom sink faucets.  The real value of these trends is that they offer insight into other people’s ideas and desires. That’s important because even though your taste must come first, it’s still good to know what others are doing for their bathroom remodel. So go ahead—consider all the options out there, and use the ones that work for you.

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