Essential Pet Needs: Everything You Need to Know as a New Pet Parent

Just got a new pet cat or dog? Or, planning an adoption for the best furry friend? Knowing your pet’s needs is a must for every new pet parent. 

Shopping for pet accessories for the first time can be overwhelming — taking care of them as a newbie pet parent is even more stressful. With proper preparation and information, training and acclimating them to their new environment would be a passing breeze.

The rest of this article would provide you with the basic supplies and accessories you’ll need for your new cat or dog. Let’s dig in!

1. Pet Food

Before you decide on a food type or brand for your pet, find out from the breeder or pet store what your pet has been eating previously. Buying the same kind of feed is the best choice. 

Alternatively, you can opt for top-quality pet food that fits your pet’s life stage. Get kitten or puppy food if you’re adopting a newborn kitten or puppy. Take note if your pet has food allergies, it’s a crucial determinant when choosing your pet’s food.

2. Food and Water Bowls

If you visit a pet accessories shop, you’ll find different types from filtered water bowls to elevated bowls. Some stores also offer to customize your pet’s name on the food and water bowls, especially when you buy luxury pet accessories. 

3. Collars and Leashes

When it comes to pet collars and leashes, there’re many varieties such as LED light collars, leashes with padded handles, retractable leashes, reflective collars, and leashes with poop bag dispensers. You can also find options to personalize the collar or leashes with your pet’s name. 

In the end, the best collar or leashes boils down to your pet’s preference and what works for you. It’s okay to keep multiple leashes. For instance, if you misplaced your dog collars, slip leashes can serve as a great backup. 

4. Pet Identification Tag and Microchip

In a report by American Humane, over 10 million pets are recorded missing each year. This number excludes cases that aren’t reported. Tracking your dog’s whereabouts with microchips and identification is important. 

Ensure to take your cat or dog to a veterinarian to get microchipped in case the breeder or shelter where you adopted them didn’t. Also, remember to always update your pet’s ID tag whenever you change your contact info. Emergencies are what they are, they happen when you least expect them, so always be ready. 

5. First Aid Kits for Pet

Whether you’re creating a pet first aid kit yourself or looking for a ready-made option, note the following items that must be in a standard pet first aid kit.

  • Adhesive tap
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Bandages
  • Cotton balls
  • Digital thermometer
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Tweezers

6. Pet Bed

An ideal pet bed should be comfy, supportive, and spacious enough to allow your pet to stretch out. The type of pet bed would change as they grow older, adult pets would require beds that provide cushioning support for their joints. 

Remember that your pet’s bed is a safe space to sleep and relax . You might want to get acrylic dog beds seeing as they are stylish and comfortable. 

7. Treats and Toys

Having toys and treats for pets is fun. However, go for those that serve either stimulation, training, or health purposes. No matter how adorable your pet’s eyes are, ensure they are not overfed. Overfeeding them would lead to obesity and potentially serious health issues like hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cancer, and even heart disease. 

8. Pet Grooming Brush

If you own a pet dog, you’ll need to groom or brush their furs to prevent their coats from getting matted or tangled. This grooming process also removes dead hairs from the pet’s coat. In the case of a cat, you won’t have to groom them as they can clean their furs comfortably. 

While ordering pet accessories online, consider adding either a glove brush, deshedding brush, bristle brush, or wire brush. 

9. Toothbrush

Pets generally don’t like the feel of a brush in their mouth. But, you must prioritize your pet’s oral hygiene. Not paying attention to your pet’s oral hygiene can be damaging to your pet’s health plus the cost of visiting a veterinarian. 

Ideally, you brush your pet’s teeth at least three times a week, every day is better. You can also schedule regular professional cleaning with your pet doctor. 

They’re special kinds of toothpaste and brushes for dogs and cats. If you’re not comfortable using a traditionally shaped toothbrush for your pet, try finger brushes made especially for pets. 

10. Nail Trimmer

Paws are sensitive parts to most pets and they don’t like being touched there. This dislike can turn nail trimming into a chore for new pet parents. Trimming your pet’s nails is important to their health, and doing it once every three to four weeks is best. 

Most newbie pet owners don’t like trimming their pet nails due to the fear of cutting the animal. You can mitigate this risk by taking it slow and gently. In case you do cut the animal, have a styptic powder product handy to treat the wound. 

11. Flea Preventatives

Fleas on your pets can be harmful to both you and your furry friend. Invest in medications, monthly chewable, or flea collars that ensure your animal is protected. Consult your pet doctor for options that are better suited for you and your pet. 

12. Poop Disposal

A pooper scooper is great for gathering and disposing of your dog’s excrement if you’ve got a yard. You can buy poop bags to pick up after your dog on walks unless your community has poop bag dispensers.

For pet cats, a litter box should be top of your list when shopping for pet accessories. An ideal spot for the box would be a quiet place that gives your pet some level of privacy. You’ll have to clean your cat’s litter box daily to avoid waste accumulation and odors. 

This regular cleaning routine would also help you notice any changes to your pet’s health, as unusual potty habits are often the first indicator of disease.


The best way to show your pet you love them is by providing for their basic needs, playing, and snuggling with them. 

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