Benefits of lions breath carts

1 – It can help clear the emotions.

According to McKeown, lions breath carts is designed to clear the throat and challenge the lungs. He notes that it’s especially popular with people with speech impediments because “it also helps to release emotions and manage self-awareness,” – she says.

2 – Stretch the face and neck.

This technique also provides a good stretch for the face and neck, which is ideal for relieving tension in both areas.

3. Clearing the throat chakra.

Lions breath carts is closely associated with the fifth or throat chakra, which revolves around the themes of communication, use of voice, openness and self-expression.

In addition to these benefits, pranayama as a whole has a wide range of benefits and uses: studies show that it can help regulate the nervous system, relieve anxiety, and improve overall attention and concentration.

Tips and tricks:

Give it your all: this technique is stimulating and energizing, but only if you put your mind to it. Try not to think about your appearance and concentrate on exhaling all the air, imagining that you are getting rid of stagnant or negative energy.

Engage the three bandhas: If you are familiar with the bandhas, or internal “blocks” of yoga, you can work on them during lions breath carts as well. All three bandhas can be engaged during this breath, but this is best left to those with sufficient experience in asana and pranayama.

Separate this practice from regular breathing: don’t skip regular breathing with intention when you finish repeating the lions breath carts, as McKeown notes that light breathing will help normalize blood chemistry and balance the nervous system.

Risks and side effects.

McKeown does not recommend “lion breathing” for people who are new to practicing breathing or have previous breathing problems, as heavy exhalations can damage the airway. If in doubt, ask your doctor if you can try this breathing.

Sitting in lion pose will also be uncomfortable for people with injured knees. In this case, you can sit in a chair or other comfortable position.

To summarize.

There are many breathing techniques, from nadi shodhana to tummo breathing. Understanding their benefits will help you choose the one that suits you best on any given day. When you need to boost your confidence, clear your throat chakra, or simply stretch your face and neck, try “lions breath carts.”


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