Are You Buying Newnan GA Real Estate? Here are 7 Things to Look For

Shopping for a new home to purchase or rent is overwhelming. If buying is the best option for you, the long-term commitment and expensive purchase mean you need to be sure you are satisfied.

Below are things you should be on the lookout for when buying Newnan GA real estate, and critical elements of a home to evaluate.

What to Look for When Buying Old or New Homes for Sale in Newnan, GA

Choosing a property is a personal decision. Rank the importance of a home’s aspects against your needs and decide which are negotiable and deal-breakers.

Also, evaluate how much home you can afford. Be sure you know the type of area you would want to live in—include things like the school district and neighborhood.

Below are seven critical considerations to note while viewing real estate in Newnan, GA.

The Size

Know what home size is ideal for you and your family before you even get in touch with a real estate agent. The tasks also involve figuring out the maximum and minimum square footage, and the number of bathrooms and bedrooms you require.

The size of the property depends on your personal preferences and needs. Larger families should consider houses with more square footage as well as more bathrooms and bedrooms. A household of two will probably be more comfortable in an affordable but small home.

A larger home provides plenty of room for your household members and house guests, but a smaller home also has its pros. Small houses are cheaper and easier to furnish, especially helpful when you are starting out. It is also less expensive to maintain and easier to keep clean.

Unfortunately, a small house can quickly go from cozy to cramped. It is vital you look at various home sizes so you have a feel of what works and does not work for you.

A Yard

Another preference is the yard you like. You have an option of lots of acreage and beautiful, yet low-maintenance landscaping. Or you do not want the responsibility of dealing with a big lawn. Maybe you are looking for log homes for sale in Newnan, GA but further from the road for more privacy.

Also, think about the features the backyard offers. For example, you will find houses with many human and natural features, such as ponds, streams, pools, swing sets, and patios. These are useful and attractive features for some homebuyers.

The same features are a representation of added expense, liability, and time commitment for other buyers. However, you can also find a backyard without the features you would like. But is the yard ready for putting up new features after you move in?

Remember to consider the lot size when thinking about the yard type best for you and your lifestyle. Other things to consider include maintenance requirements, cost of maintenance, and features you can add to the back and front of the home.

Working with an experienced local real estate can help streamline getting the perfect yard size. Make sure you check out and see what a dedicated team of real estate agents can do for you.

The Exterior

The perfect interior also means you need a sturdy exterior. A home inspection can help you avoid purchasing a home with a deteriorating exterior. However, you should also watch out for red flags.

Some exterior components that require special attention include:

  • Roof—Inspect the roof for signs of damage. Find out the age of the roof, but well-maintained roofs can last decades depending on the material
  • Siding—Check the exterior walls for signs of disrepair or damage. These include rotting wood, peeling paint, and cracks. 
  • Foundation—Foundation issues can cause structural problems that run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Look out for cracks in walls and windows and doors that jam or stick. 


The number of ideal bedrooms for you depends on what you intend to use them for. For instance, a family with small kids might not want a home with a master bedroom on a different floor from the kids’ rooms.

If you want to convert an extra bedroom into your home office, look out for old or new townhomes Newnan, GA has with bedrooms further away from the living room and kitchen. Also, consider the size of the bedrooms.

Other bedroom-related things to think about include:

  • Sources of artificial and natural light
  • Closet space
  • General privacy
  • Bathroom in the master bedroom
  • Window views


When inspecting the bathrooms, make sure everything is working by:

  • Flushing the toilets, turning on the shower and testing the faucets
  • Looking under the sinks and around the toilet for water damage and leaks
  • Make sure the fan is working
  • Looking for mold

As overbearing as it seems, make sure there are no surprises by thoroughly inspecting waterfront homes for sale in Newnan, GA, for example. Remember, bathroom renovations are costly!

The Basement

Ask if the basement is a remodel or finished. Finished basements offer added living space, while basement remodels can be costly.

Look out for musty smells, water stains, or mold growth while touring the home. Include a radon test as part of the home inspection to ensure your basement does not exceed the maximum Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) levels.

For a finished basement where you plant to spend a lot of time, see how much lighting the area has. Make sure there is at least one accessible window or door for use during an emergency.

Neighborhood Safety

The best subdivisions in Newnan, GA are safe, especially if you have or planning to have kids. Research the local crime rates to ensure you and your family are comfortable and at ease in the new home.

Many subdivisions have social media pages such as Facebook groups you can join to learn more about an area. Also, spend some time driving and shopping in the neighborhood. Check out the local businesses as you walk down the street for a feel of what it feels like living in the neighborhood.

The Bottom Line

Every Newnan GA real estate property you look at will have its merits and demerits. Decide which aspects are critical, those you cannot live with, and those you will compromise.

It is important to consider the aspects above, but no home is going to be without a few faults. Even your dream home may require a bathroom remodel, a new roof, or new appliances. The goal is to find a home that satisfies most of your needs and some wants!

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