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Sildenafil is a prescription-only medication. It is available as a tablet and a suspension (liquid). Both are taken orally. It’s also available in an intravenous (IV) form that can only be administered by a doctor.

The brand-name medications Viagra and Revatio contain sildenafil oral tablets. It can also be purchased as a generic medicine. Generic medications are frequently less expensive than their brand-name counterparts. They may not be accessible in every strength or form as the brand-name drug in some circumstances.

How does it work?

Sildenafil tablets belong to the phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors class of medicines. A drug class is a group of pharmaceuticals that all operate in the same way. These medicines are frequently used to treat illnesses that are similar to each other.

Sildenafil acts in a variety of ways depending on the problem being treated.

Sildenafil works to treat erectile dysfunction by boosting blood flow to the penis. This aids in obtaining or maintaining an erection. If you’re sexually stimulated, sildenafil can help with ED.

Sildenafil tablets relieve PAH symptoms by relaxing muscles and dilate blood vessels in the lungs. The blood pressure in your lungs is reduced as a result of this. Sildenafil helps you feel better by slowing down the progression of your condition.

How sildenafil is used

How long should I take sildenafil before having sex?

Sildenafil can be taken up to 30 minutes before sex and up to 4 hours before sex. However, it is recommended that you take this medication within an hour of having sex.

Is it necessary for me to take sildenafil regularly?

Sildenafil should not be used to treat ED more than once per 24 hours. However, if you have certain medical conditions or are on other medications, your doctor may advise you to take this medication less frequently than once per day.

Is it necessary to take sildenafil with food?

Sildenafil tablets can be taken with or without food. It’s vital to keep in mind that some foods, especially those high in fat, can make the medicine work slower than usual.

Important Warnings

Priapism warning: This medication may produce priapism, which is a persistent erection. Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room if your erection lasts more than 4 hours. This illness might cause lasting harm to your penis if not treated promptly.

Warning: This medication may cause sudden vision loss in one or both eyes. This could indicate a significant eye condition. If this happens, stop taking sildenafil immediately and contact your doctor.

Warning: This medication may cause hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), or dizziness. Stop taking sildenafil if you have sudden hearing loss, tinnitus, or dizziness.

Children should not take sildenafil in general; nevertheless, there are some cases where the medicine is the best therapy option. Consult your child’s doctor to learn more about the benefits and dangers of this treatment choice.

Take as directed

Sildenafil tablets can be used to treat ED in the short term and PAH in the long term. If you don’t take it as directed, you run the risk of major side effects.

If you suddenly quit taking the medicine or don’t take it at all:

For ED: Your ED symptoms aren’t going to get any better.

If you have PAH, your condition will not improve and may worsen. You will also be unable to exercise.

If you skip a dose or don’t take the medication on time, you should:

For ED: Your ED symptoms aren’t going to get any better.

For PAH: This drug may not work as well as it once did, or it may entirely stop working. A specific amount of this drug must be present in your body at all times for it to act properly.


What is the purpose of sildenafil?

The drug sildenafil, marketed as Viagra, is used to treat erectile dysfunction by boosting blood flow to the penis during arousal. Sildenafil, sold under the brand name Revatio, is frequently administered to help persons with PAH get more exercise.

What if I forget to bring it with me?

If you’re taking Revatio and forget to take a dose, take it as soon as you remember. Never If you fully miss a dose and it’s time to take the next one, skip it.

Are there any precautions I should take before taking this medication?

There are several precautions you should take before using these Sildenafil tablets, like with most medications. Make sure you discuss the following with your doctor:

  • if you have any drug allergies
  • if you use or plan to take any additional pharmaceuticals, treatments, herbs, or supplements
  • if you have or plan to have any medical illnesses or procedures
  • if you are expecting a child or plan to have a child

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