An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Online Kabaddi Games

Kabaddi is an immensely popular sport in India, Pakistan, and Iran. Today, this competitive team sport is gaining global popularity. It is now played in different international competitions such as the Asian Games and the Kabaddi World Cup. Thus, you may come across various Kabaddi betting sites online. Just make sure to choose the right Indian betting site to place your bets like pgslot.

Although Kabaddi has been an ancient sport in India, its lucrative betting industry is relatively new. It is only in the last few years that this sport has grown so wide, especially after the establishment of the Kabaddi Pro League in 2014. To bet on Kabaddi games online, you just need to follow three steps – find a legitimate betting site, place your bets there, and finally withdraw your winnings.

Basics of the Kabaddi Game

Kabaddi is a highly-competitive sport played between two teams, and the rules stay pretty same even in Kabaddi betting games online. Each team comprises seven players with a maximum of five substitutes. The game is played on a rectangular court to collect the highest score at the end of the game.

The aim of the game is for the attacking team players, known as raiders who need to run into the court of the Antis team to tag as many defenders as possible. While doing so, the raider should avoid being tackled by the players of the opposing team. The score of the attacking team depends on the number of tags collected by the raider. On the other hand, the Antis team gets a score by defending the raider.

Types of Kabaddi Betting Games

Typically, Kabaddi is a fast-paced sport full of action. However, you may quickly start betting on it even if you have never heard of the game. It is an easy game to understand and thus there is a wide range of betting possibilities available in the market. So without any further ado, let’s discuss the most popular types of online Kabaddi betting to help you get started.

Overall Match Betting

Match betting is one of the most basic betting types in online Kabaddi betting games. This simply involves placing a bet on which team will be the ultimate winner or will it be a draw at the end of the scheduled 40 minutes game. Please note that this betting market does not include any extra time. 

Handicap Betting

One of the teams in a Kabaddi game will often be a favorite winning team. Thus, to make the Kabaddi betting markets even more interesting, a handicap in the form of points might be introduced. In this process, you may place a bet depending on your predictions about the number of points the team can collect by the end of the match.

Total Points Betting

It is very simple to understand as it involves over/under bets. This means that you can place a bet on conditions such as whether the final score will be higher or lower than a given value. You can now find several over/under betting options online. This market offers excellent betting opportunities that include betting on an individual team’s scores, number of raids, number of fouls, and so on.

Half Betting

This market allows the usage of the above-mentioned betting markets, but the betting rules are applied on the individual halves of the match. For example, you can place a bet on which team will win the first half of the match or which team will win the second. 

Outright Betting

This betting type in generally applies to a whole league or tournament. It allows you to bet on which team will be the winner. This market also offers some other betting opportunities such as which teams will end up scoring the top three positions, and much more. 

Prop Betting

This proposition betting option comes with different variations and is often a fun way to place a bet. This involves placing a bet on the scores of a specific player or a specific team to score at first, or a team to score at last, and so on. 

Live Betting

It is also referred to as in-play betting. This betting market offers a fantastic way to place a bet while watching the Kabaddi match. It is exciting to place a bet on the game while the match is taking place. 

Final NoteTo completely enjoy Kabaddi betting, you need to follow the sport as much as possible. Then choose a legitimate online betting site such as Fun88 to place a bet. Once you win a bet, you can make a successful withdrawal by selecting your preferred withdrawal method. Still, if you are looking for other legitimate betting games then you can play the Andar Bahar game online.

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