Lace Wedding Dress

Every bride wants to shine on their wedding day and be in the limelight on that special day. For that, you need to stylize your lace wedding dress beautifully. 

Did you know that accessories alone can cost you $250 to $400? This is on top of the wedding dress, which can cost anywhere between $500 and $4000. That’s why you need to choose your dress and accessories diligently.

However, the key to being the shining star of your wedding is to accessorise your dress appropriately. If you’re confused about accessorising your wedding dress, this article will provide you with some helpful tips. 

So, read on, and be a dazzling bride. 

Top 5 tips for accessorising your wedding dress 

Lace dresses are gorgeous and supple. Coming in various silhouettes and enhancing your body shape, they are simply elegant. However, accessorising your lace dress on your big day can prove challenging. 

The top 5 tips enlisted below will give you brilliant ideas to get the best accessories to enhance your wedding dress:

1.Choose pearls to deck your neck 

Pearls are the quintessential sign of elegance. You can never go wrong with a white or baby pink coloured pearl set to go with your lace dress. 

Incorporating pearls in your look can be done in several ways. You can wear a pearl necklace depending on the neckline of your dress or wear pearl drop earrings. Alternatively, you can look at veils with pearl embellishments or a pearl bracelet. 

2.Crystals are a good idea too 

If a pearl is not your style, you can adorn yourself with crystal. Ensure all the crystals you use are of the same colour. 

Crystal chokers, bracelets, and earrings are perfect for accessorising your wedding dress. Moreover, you can have crystal-adorned veils and crystal-encrusted dresses. Crystals add luxe and elegance to your overall look and make you dazzle. 

3.Consider lace veils or veils with raw edges 

It is always a good idea to combine lace with lace. Without getting lost in the intricacy of various lace patterns, choose lace veils that blend well with the dress. 

Alternatively, you can also choose net veils with raw edges. Since it’s a knit fabric, it won’t fray and will give you a statement look. 

4.Try to choose lace mimicking patterns 

Another trick to accessorizing lace dresses is to choose jewels and accessories that mimic lace patterns. You can choose the scallop edges, leaves, eyelash edging, or floral motives and accentuate your lace dress. 

For instance, if your dress has leaf patterns all over, you can probably pair it with a leaf-shaped intricate bracelet. 

5.Floral tiaras will add to your look 

Tiara made with flowers will enhance your overall look, elevate your wedding ensemble, and make you feel like a Greek goddess on your special day. Moreover, adding a floral tiara will make it an extension of your wedding dress. 


Wedding dresses are beautiful pieces of garments that you wear on your special day. A lace wedding dress adds more glamour and feminity to your look. However, it is vital to accessorise them appropriately to stand out in the wedding ensemble. 

Some valuable tips to adorn your wedding dress made of lace are choosing lace-like patterns, decking yourself with pearls, considering floral tiaras, choosing crystal earrings, or trying out lace veils. Every part of your attire needs to blend well and make you the showstopper on your special day. 

The tips and tricks in this article will make you stand out and make your partner fall head over heels in love with you all over again. What’s more, you’ll have spectacular accessories you can wear with your other garments too. 

So, accessorise your wedding dress perfectly and be a stunning beauty!

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