A Fresh Start: What To Do Before Selling Your PC

Wait! If you’re thinking of selling your old PC and getting a new one, there are still measures that you need to take on your old PC. However, you don’t have extensive knowledge of how to make the PC saleable, such as how to wipe a PC, back up its data, and many more. Don’t worry! We got you covered as we will discuss what you need to do before letting go of your old device.

  1. Backup Your Data

There are files or programs in your old device that you want to keep, right? It may be photos, videos, or documents. Backup is the process of replicating data from its original location to another. Some third-party services or cloud storages allow you to store your data online and access it anytime you want. Examples include Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Also, you may copy and paste your files on a removable or external device such as a flash drive. The cloud and removable drives may be used for small amounts of data. On the other hand, you can configure Window’s built-in Backup and Restore tool for large amounts of data. This process will copy all of your files to an external hard drive.

For PCs run by Microsoft Windows software, you may go to “Settings” by looking at it on the Windows Start button. Then, click “Update and Security” and select “Backup” on the left sidebar. Click “Add a drive,” which is seen under “Back up using File History.”

  1. Wipe Everything Internally

After ensuring that everything is kept in a secure location elsewhere, it is time to delete everything you don’t need and restore the device to its original settings. This will provide the buyer with a completely clean slate or environment. On the other hand, it will secure your personal information by removing it from the hard drive.

To reset the device means to delete all existing installed software and data on the device. After that, the software initially installed by the manufacturer on your PC, including trial versions and utilities, are reinstalled. It is best not to interrupt the resetting process. If you did, your computer would be vulnerable because it wouldn’t have an operating system or other programs installed by the company that made it, including device drivers.

In Windows devices, you must go to Settings and look for the “Recovery” section. You have the option to “Keep my files,” which means it removes the apps or programs and settings but keeps the files. The second option is “Remove everything,” which eliminates all your apps and settings. In this case, where you would sell the device, it is best to choose the latter because you wouldn’t want the buyer to access your information. The next step is to reset the device, and you’re done!

  1. Make It Presentable

Lastly, after cleaning the pc internally, it’s time to make it presentable and newer to the buyer. You may clean the screen, keyboard, mouse, and other components to increase its value. It makes the buyer feel they got a good deal and establishes trust between you and the buyer. Selling the PC looking unattractive can be challenging for you as a seller, regardless of its exceptional hardware or “specs.”


After knowing all the mentioned steps above, you will realize that it’s not as complex as you thought it would be. It may take a small amount of your time, but the benefits outweigh the time consumed. It helps you safeguard your personal information and avoid any potential problems with the buyer. After all, this is a business transaction. As a seller, you want to get the appropriate amount for the device that you traded. Also, you have an obligation to safeguard your buyer’s trust that the product is functional and in a good state for them to use.


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