7 most popular styles of glasses for 2022

There are so many eyewear trends on the list of high street fashion in the UK right now. 

When you wear a trendy pair of glasses that goes with your personality, you make a powerful fashion statement. 

While choosing the right frame shape is important, you should not ignore the trends, especially if you want to look fashion-forward. 

In this article, I’ll share the 7 most popular frame styles that will dominate the UK fashion streets in 2022. 

Best eyewear trends of 2022

Having a trendy pair of glasses can change your whole look. And even when you don’t like to chase trends, the list also has various timeless frame styles for lovers of classic fashion. You can find a wide variety of different styles of spectacles online so you can choose from a wide pool of frames. 

Oversized glasses

Oversized frames will continue to be popular in both glasses and sunglasses. This super glam look also offers overall protection to your eyes. The powerful and big silhouette will make you feel confident and bold. 

These glasses are available in both retro styles and modern designs such as geometric shapes. Although these glasses are oversized, they are available in different sizes. So make sure you choose the best size that doesn’t look too big on you. 

Aviator glasses

While it’s cool to have new designs for a new year, some classics always feel good. Aviator glasses are classics in eyewear that can never go out of style. 

Look retro-chic in a pair of super slim aviator glasses with coloured lenses and jewel toe frames. The best part about these glasses is that they have a sporty feel while being extremely traditional. If you have a square face, this frame style will look amazing on you. 

Cat-eye glasses

Cat-eye is that vintage eyewear shape that’s still a hit and hot trend these days. 2022 will see a surge in cat-eye glasses in narrow lenses and colourful frames. 

If you feel like you need something more dramatic, you can go for cat-eye glasses with super extended winged tops. From your business meetings to posh parties, cat-eye glasses will add the right amount of style to your look on every occasion. 

Tortoiseshell glasses 

Nothing will be cooler in 2022 than a pair of tortoiseshell glasses. These glasses give a bold outlook to your personality and look extremely modern. 

If you go for chunky frames, you’ll be making a strong fashion statement. Choose the frame style that suits your face shape and benefit from the ultra edge vibe of tortoiseshell glasses. If you are a working professional, having a pair of tortoiseshell glasses will make everyday styling easy.  

These glasses are available in different mixes of colours apart from the classic honey yellow and rich brown. 

Geometric frames

Some people don’t like normal things. They’re always looking for something unique that makes them stand out. If you are one of those people, then you should get a pair of geometric glasses.

The fun and quirky shapes of these glasses keep the look interesting while giving a modern update to your outfit. Also, if you have a round face, these glasses are nothing short of a blessing for you. 

Round glasses

2022 will see the dominance of some vintage and retro eyewear designs and round glasses are among them. 

Round glasses in thin metal rims and coloured lenses will set the trend in 2022. These glasses have a sophisticated vibe that’s not so serious. If you like your frames elegant, then round is the shape to go for. 

Round glasses suits most face shapes without going over the top. The soft silhouette makes you look intelligent and approachable. So, if you have an interview scheduled for the week, wearing a pair of round glasses might get you the job. 

Wooden glasses

As people are moving towards sustainable fashion, wooden glasses will keep on increasing in popularity. However, apart from being eco-friendly, these glasses look modern with a vintage touch. 

The unique texture and design of the wood lend a unique vibe to your glasses. If you enjoy simple living and easy styling, then you’ll love a pair of wooden glasses. And since wood is durable, these glasses will last you longer than your regular glasses while being super hypoallergenic.


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