CBD has been in the spotlight for quite a while now. It is not surprising as it stands out as an alternative and natural treatment form for a series of health issues humans face. It does not make users high, and the side effects are not threatening. As a result, CBD finds application with almost everyone irrespective of social status, age group, and race. People use it for different effects like pain relief, fighting insomnia, improving focus and concentration, etc. 

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One of the things that made CBD flourish is its availability in various forms. CBD is available in edibles, tinctures, oil, concentrate for vaping, etc. With this, one can choose the most suitable method to consume CBD. Also, many products like skincare, haircare, even food items have CBD as one of the ingredients due to its unique effect on the body. Purple Animal Cookies Strain Is a Revolution in Cookies Products.

For everyone wondering the best way to ingest CBD into the body for best results, here are five recommended ways:

CBD Edibles

This is one of the most popular methods of consuming CBD. They are tasty, discreet, and best for consumption on the go. As a result, many people love them. Edibles are the best way to go if you want to use CBD for its stress relief properties. 

Many products today are infused with CBD. You can even get CBD cream for pain containing essential oils or CBD infused with melatonin, which helps sleep. Edibles, however, can take a while to act, as the effects are not as fast as other ingestion methods like vapes or oil. 

They have the advantage of comfort as taking a CBD gummy can help kickstart your day. Also, people can take it with them wherever they go. As a result, consumption anywhere is possible. 

Also, the edibles are masked in different flavors. You can get cherries, blueberries, and mango, whatever you want. However, ensure you do not consume it too much since you might not feel the effect immediately as it acts slowly. 

CBD Capsules

Many people find the taste of CBD oil repulsive. CBD capsule is a perfect remedy for such. Like other medicinal supplements, the CBD capsule contains CBD oil wrapped with a gelatin capsule. As a result, they look so much like traditional medicine. 

It is also the perfect ingestion method for people not keen on smoking or vaping CBD. Since it is taken orally, the effect also takes a while, depending on the user’s metabolism. They might also be available in varieties of shapes like powder capsules, gel capsules, or solid tablets. 

The issue with the capsule is glaring – it cannot be available in higher strength like CBD oil. With more research and the advancement of science, this could change in the future. 

That aside, the advantages are numerous as it is tasteless, making them the preferred CBD ingestion form for many; they are pre-dosed, so they are easy to use, and one can easily add them to the daily routine. 

CBD Topical Lotions

For people who need quick relief from aches and various muscle or joint pain, lotions and balms are the best methods. Since topicals are applied to the skin directly where there is pain, the surrounding tissue quickly absorbs them; hence relief is fast. 

This makes them a reliable option for people who want relief from muscular pain, arthritis, and others. Such lotions are becoming popular with athletes and bodybuilders since it helps reduce pain and muscle soreness after their time on the field. 

Application through this means is easy and fast, thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. On the other hand, it can be challenging to measure the dose. Also, the effect is not long-lasting compared to other CBD injection methods. 

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Inhalation: Smoke or Vape

For everyone looking for a fast way to kickstart the effect of CBD, inhalation is the best method. It is not surprising as inhaling CBD transfers it directly to the lung and the bloodstream. You can either decide to smoke or vape it.

Smoking CBD concentrate 

All you need is an oil rig in the shape of a water pipe. You heat the nail of the oil rig in contact with the CBD concentrate and inhale. Alternatively, you can also roll the joint with cannabis. 

With this method, you get CBD into your system fast and get the highest CBD concentration. However, it might be a little harsh on the lungs for people who have never smoked before. You also need extra tools, an oil rig, a dabber, etc.

Vaping CBD oil 

One of the most popular ways people consume CBD is via an e-cig. There are many vape pens or starter kits suited for people keen on enjoying CBD via this method. It is recommended for people who need high CBD concentration without the harsh effect of smoking on the lungs. 

CBD drops to Your meals

It is possible to cook with CBD by adding hemp concentrate to your meal. Such is pretty potent as they contain a high milligram of CBD. CBD oil is available with bottles and regulated droppers, which help users measure their dose. Adding CBD oil to your meals lets the body absorb it better for people who dislike the taste. It works better in combination with food since CBD is not recommended on an empty stomach.


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You can consume CBD in many ways, based on your specific needs (stress relief, pain management, sleep) and what appeals to you. Everyone in need of getting the best result from CBD will find the consumption method discussed here helpful. 

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