4 ways to compliment your dirndl dress with an Oktoberfest theme

dirndl dress

A dirndl dress is the most accurate choice for Oktoberfest. It has all the aspects which make it one seductive outfit for such a colorful event. However, there are many ways you can decorate dirndl dresses as per your preferences. 

For Oktoberfest, you must look as native as possible to blend in. If you’re a foreigner, attending the first-ever Oktoberfest. Then you must consider the following elements about dirndls.

 How to celebrate a dirndl dress like a true Bavarian

As the Oktoberfest, we all are gearing up for this one fun-filled event of the year! You can make the most of it by wearing traditional attire like a German dirndl. A dirndl is the most flexible dress you can ever come across. Contemporary dirndl dresses grant you to style them as per your taste. However, if you wish to follow Oktoberfest, you can do so in the following ways.

  1. Braids and buns

Traditional dresses demand to be styled as per culture. And German dirndls have an exceptional historical background. A dirndl was merely a working dress of women of Bavaria. To keep your contemporary look traditional, you must adopt a conventional hairstyle. 

Dirndls look even more appealing when paired with bun and braids. It gives you a traditional and elegant look. Hairstyles like these give you a clean look with fewer strands covering your face. 

Moreover, you easily tie up a braid or bun on your own without hitting a salon. The following braids and bun styles are popular with dirndls.

  • Crown braids
  • Simple braid
  • Classic bun

You can wear a flower crown or fancy hair pins to enhance your look more for a festive and fresh look.

All these hairstyles complement a conventional dirndl dress effortlessly.

2. Traditional dirndl dress

The beauty of traditional dirndl dresses is simplicity. Try to keep your look as elegant and sophisticated as you can. Moreover, even with traditional dirndls, you can still manage to look modish. A vintage dirndl was paired with a white blouse and had only three classic colors: blue, black, and soft pink. You can still choose to wear these colored dirndls at Oktoberfest.

Nonetheless, you can still wear it with modern white blouses. These blouses have lace details which makes them formal attire. Also, ruffled v-neckline blouses are a popular choice for Oktoberfest.

 You can also wear a puffed short sleeve blouse with a dirndl dress.

3. Conventional shoes

German boots are the most suited ones with dirndls. You can either go for long boots or short ones. These traditional shoes make your contemporary look more robust and fashionable. They are anti-slip and provide a firm grip on even surfaces. 

Moreover, it’s hard rubber exterior also protects your feet from broken wine glass pieces. You can pull off both long and short dirndl dresses with German shoes.

If you wish to get more playful with your dirndl dress, you can even go for trachten sneakers. 

4. Mix and match aprons

Aprons are an essential part of dirndls. You can have fun with your dirndl aprons as they come in various colors and designs. However, checkered and polka dots dirndls will remind you of ancient times. Such aprons are admired more among Bavarians. If you want to wear a German dirndl dress more than once. You can have a customized apron with two different sides. Just flip it to give your old dress a fresh new look. Only a dirndl can allow you to have such flexibility. That is why it is the most loved dress for women worldwide.

Modern German dirndl dress insight

Also, one of the core reasons for contemporary dirndls popularity is bold cuts and variations in fabrics and color contrast. It makes a dirndl a sexy outfit for any event. Modern dirndls have introduced lace blouses perfect for bridesmaids and bridal attires. You can also spot many bridal dirndls at Bavarian weddings. 

In terms of fabric, you can choose to wear satin/silk maxi dirndls or velvet dirndl dresses too. 

German dirndls have evolved greatly; you can see a much-upgraded version of dirndl today. Nonetheless, the traditional aspect is very much visible in every piece. 

You can easily shop dirndls for sale to get the best Oktoberfest-themed dress. 

Oktoberfest dirndl dresses for sale

Dirndl dresses are quite popular in Oktoberfest season. However, you can choose to wear dirndl dresses at any time. However, you might struggle to get a dirndl for sale online. 

At the Dirndl Online Shop, you can get the most trendy dirndl dress at an economical price. No, you don’t have to rush to the store and wait for your turn in a long queue, as this online store allows you to purchase your dress with just a tap!

You can explore various dirndls for every event as they categorize it. Moreover, affordability and durability is their topmost priority for customers. Make the most of your Oktoberfest this season.


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