4 Top Reasons for Plastic Surgery

The demand for plastic surgery has been rising for the last couple of years, with 18 million Americans getting minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures in 2018 alone. The increased popularity of plastic surgery emanates from increased knowledge, social acceptance, and technological advancement. Plastic surgeons like Joel Aronowitz modify different body parts, from face to breasts, stomach, arms, and legs, to restore function and enhance their appearance. Here are the top four reasons people consider plastic surgery.      

1.     Leverage Health Benefits  

Plastic surgery is an excellent option for treating certain conditions and harnessing tons of health benefits. For instance, rhinoplasty can tackle nasal septum issues, allowing you to breathe comfortably while improving your appearance. The procedure can also address sinus problems like headaches and nasal congestion, correct birth defects, and enhance sleep quality by eradicating snoring.

Similarly, breast reduction can ease back, neck, and shoulder pain, while blepharoplasty eliminates vision problems and makes your eyes radiate. Breast reduction also allows women to participate in sports activities, thus staying fit and healthy. It also increases physical comfort and improves the patient’s quality of life.   

2.     Look Younger

Many people consider plastic surgery to manage the aging process and take years off their bodies. Although the clock ticks for every person and aging is inevitable, procedures like dermal fillers, laser facial rejuvenation, and facelifts make you look youthful.

If you want a younger and smoother face, Botox is an excellent option. It is non-surgical and gets rid of wrinkles on your face around your nose, mouth, and eyes. A facelift can also give you a youthful look by reducing sagging skin and wrinkles and tightening underlying tissues and muscles.  

3.     Increase Self Esteem and Confidence

Almost everyone wants to look good and feel better. However, congenital abnormalities, physical trauma, or dislike of certain body features can leave you with low self-esteem and confidence. Reconstructive plastic surgery can help with congenital disabilities, burns, severe injuries, and scars to reinstate function and enhance aesthetics

Cosmetic procedures like breast lifts, tummy tucks, and liposuction can address perceived body flaws, leaving you happy and confident. Gynecomastia can increase a man’s self-esteem as they feel more satisfied with their body. Similarly, mommy makeover surgery gives women an opportunity to reclaim their pre-parent bodies, improving their appearance and appeal.  

4.     Look Like a Celeb

While it may not be the best reason to get plastic surgery, it is a considerable drive for many people. Men and women may approach plastic surgeons wanting to look like their favorite celebs. They may wish to have a particular celeb’s nose, butt, or bust. While it is not entirely wrong to want to look like your idol, remember that plastic surgery enhances your features but doesn’t make you resemble another person. The celeb’s features can be used as a guide to give you an improved version of yourself.    

Plastic surgery is worth considering if you want to reduce your breasts’ size, counter the impact of time and sun damage, or repossess your dream body after pregnancy. It has numerous health benefits, boosts your self-esteem and worth, and makes you look vibrant and youthful.     

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