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Funerals are a difficult time for everyone, and selecting funeral flowers can be challenging. 

For many people that rarely attend funerals, sending your condolences through flowers has many different sayings behind them.


This article will focus on 10 tips and options for your flower arrangements and help you design your own custom arrangement. 

Peace Lily Plant

The peace lily plant has a unique shape to the traditional lily but still symbolises many of the same traits, such as innocence and the rebirth of the soul outside our physical world. 

These carry a message outside the funeral day itself and are ideal for grieving friends or coworkers to send to their home or office as it is a subtle but longer-lasting plant.  

Someone who receives this plant can replant it in their garden as a long-lasting memory. 


Orchids are unique, distinctive flowers that transcend traditional funeral flowers and sprays. 

Perfect for sympathy flower arrangements as they are known for saying “I will always love you” and can mean so many different things to different people at these times. 

Orchids a diverse in colour and fit perfectly into small to medium-size arrangements. These are ideal for custom designs for sympathy arrangements where you can make a unique bloom. 


Chrysanthemums are extensive and versatile flowers. They can be the figureheads of smaller arrangements or fit easily into larger featured blooms. 

They come in various colours, such as red and white, that symbolise love and innocence and are perfect for remembering a loved one.

In North America and Europe, they showcase sympathy and can be used on a funeral day as an accompaniment to more extensive arrangements.  

Whereas in Asia, they symbolise rebirth where the soul is now passing to a new place beyond our earth. 


Hyacinths suit custom funeral arrangements perfectly. 

They offer bright, almost neon colours that can show your feelings in an uplifting and vibrant way, which can stand out from other more conservative and subdued blooms. 

They are versatile; where you can use them subtly to add a small pop of colour to a subdued arrangement or be the highlight of the flower arrangements on the day. 

Gracious Lavender Basket

These are perfect for both homes and funeral services. The gracious baskets are unique, allowing the buyer to step outside the box beautifully and uniquely.  

A purple lavender bloom can be meditative and respectful without being bright and eyecatching and is welcome alongside whites and lighter ink arrangements to add a pop of colour. 

Bright Standing Sprays

These are ideal options if you want to send a message of renewal and life instead of remembrance and grief. The bright pinks, yellow and oranges add an optimistic feel to the arrangement and are perfect for celebrating someone who lived life to the full.  

For bigger funerals where many flowers may be of the same colours and feelings, this can add originality and stand out from the rest.

Celebration of Life Standing Spray

The clue is in the name with these arrangements. These are a real standout option at a funeral.  

The selection includes pink asters, orange gladioli and yellow gerbera daisies. These are ideal for a celebration of a well-lived life, not for grief.

If you want to keep it from bursting with energy a little too much, you can bring it back a little with the use of roses and gladioli only.  

Still expressing condolences, they will add a brightness to proceedings. 

Treasured Tribute Wreath

For a unique commemoration, this perfectly squared tribute wreath is genuinely one-of-a-kind. They have a traditional lily, and white roses feel but have standout elegance.  

They stand out more than traditional wreaths and flowers with vibrant, lush greens. 

Garden Floral Wreath or Basket


Regardless of your choice of wreath or basket, both represent the perfect size to add decoration to the service and take them home as a tribute to loved ones. 

They are usually vibrant with eye-catching colourful roses, lilies, gerbera daisies, Peruvian lilies, monte casinos, spider mums and more. 

These are your go-to if you want to liven the day and celebrate the deceased’s life. They usually get dressed in a colourful bow that ties it all together. 

Meadows of Memories

This is an arrangement that is specifically to encircle an urn. You may think this should be left to immediate family; however, this is not always the case.  

If you are unsure about going that far, remember they can be used to circle anything, from photographs from the past or an item close to the family’s heart.  

The arrangement is genuinely soothing, commonly containing roses, carnations, asters, purple and pink lavender larkspurs, fuji chrysanthemums, and green cymbidium orchids; these are stunning for the house and special lasting memories of the deceased. 


For those of you that are not familiar with funeral flowers, it is essential to find a reliable and recommended local florist for funeral flowers. They will give you the best advice, and be sure to describe the person you are commemorating, and they will help you along with this article to get it right for you and the family on the day. Good luck.  

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