10 craziest things to do in Bali

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Bali isn’t boring or predictable because it’s a popular tropical resort with millions of visitors each year. If anything, the ever-expanding tourism scene inspires new ideas for new and exciting things to do. Discover the weirdest things to do in Bali, from swimming with sharks to dining in a horror-themed bar. Usually, Bali is known for its tourist attractions, well to be honest, not all tourist attractions so far have been fully explored. Every place has its own best-kept secret and Bali has its own plethora of secrets just like a pandora box full of surprises. A few of them are listed below. So, here you go.

1. Walking on seabed

Having a great time scuba diving and snorkeling in Bali’s greatest spots? Why not take your maritime adventure to the next level by going sea-walking? That’s right, tourists may take a leisurely stroll around the ocean’s bottom and take in the sights – which could include tropical fish, colorful coral, and other biodiverse marine life. With a sea-walker helmet, you can breathe in and out smoothly without the burden of carrying an oxygen tank, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying the underwater experience. Don’t miss this experience on your Bali packages.

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2. Frankstein’s party

Who’d have guessed Frankenstein would be a good party guest? In Frankenstein’s Laboratory, visitors can partake in a horror-themed dining experience, complete with cabaret, live music, and dancing with the dead (zombies, vampires and all kinds of monsters make an appearance). With engaging activities and nonstop dancing, the nighttime scene here is a must have experience on your Bali package.

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3. Diving with sharks

You’ve probably seen them before, swimming around in a large aquarium or freely exploring the ocean. You’ve kept a safe distance from them, admiring them from afar. However, as part of Bali Sharks’ complex conservation effort, you may get up and personal with sharks while in Bali. Visitors can learn about sharks, feed them, and swim with their offspring.

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4. Take part in mud games

Agricultural life is embraced by certain Balinese in the most humorous way. Locals enjoy mud wrestling in vacant grounds after working in the paddy fields. Travelers may now get a taste of the same energy by playing games like tug-of-war and frog capturing. The authentic Mepantigan, the art of traditional mud wrestling, is always an option for the more courageous. Bali hasn’t forgotten its roots and this can be easily understood by observing some events like these. Explore this country that is still attached to its roots by taking a look at our Bali packages.

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5. Pay a visit to the deceased.

Tourists who want to venture out from the lovely beaches of Bali can visit a local burial cemetery in the mountains. Terunyan residents like to retain their ancestors close by, above ground and largely undamaged. Bodies are arranged around an ancient tree and left to decompose, creating a disturbing but interesting sight for those brave enough to venture there. Surprisingly, the burial ground lacks the stench that one would expect from a place where bodies are decaying.

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6. Visit places that have been abandoned.

While there are many magnificent, well-kept locales on the island, Bali’s abandoned locations provide a fascinating experience. There are two suspiciously abandoned planes on the property. The two locations, one in South Kuta and the other in Kuta village, have piqued interest and become popular tourist destinations. The disused Taman Festival amusement park in Sanur is another popular abandoned location.

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7. Exploring extreme watersports.

There’s no better way to appreciate Bali’s beautiful sea than to participate in an extreme watersport like paragliding or flyboarding. Paragliding involves flying above the water using a parachute, whereas the flyboard uses a hose to propel you into the air. Dare to attempt the best of Bali’s watersports and feel like you’ve conquered the island when you return home.

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8. Enjoy a submarine ride

Never before have you had the opportunity to explore the ocean’s depths? The Odyssey submarine will comfortably transport you out to enjoy Bali’s oceanic splendour. You’ll plunge 46 metres (150 feet) below the surface to discover the wonders of the sea. While there are no prerequisites for the ride, such as talent, age, or fitness level, it does need guts to embark. Allow this magnificent submarine to transport you to another universe. This country is giving you this opportunity as a part of its tourist attraction don’t be foolish to miss this unique opportunity by trying our Bali trip.

9. Explore all of Bali’s Abandoned Airplanes

Bali has a lot of abandoned airplanes that are free to explore for some strange reason. If you’re looking for something to do other than relax on one of Bali’s many beaches, you can literally get a motorcycle and go on a search for all of these abandoned planes.

Large commercial jets, such as the Boeing 737, were said to have been purchased with the intention of turning them into tourist attractions, only to be abandoned later.

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10. The Skulls at the Trunyan Cementary are a must-see.

The highland community of Trunyan, which is located on the eastern shore of Mt. Batur, has become famous for its more than distinctive burial traditions. People were not buried in this ancient tribe. Instead, their bodies were placed in open bamboo cages and left to rot under the shade of a big Banyan Tree, which would disguise the scent of the decaying carcasses. After the bodies’ flesh had rotted, the skulls would be cleaned and deposited at the base of the tree to form a shrine. While there are currently varied reports about visiting the site (apparently, locals have begun volunteering their services as tour guides), it was still a unique Bali sight that we found absolutely unusual when we visited a few years ago.

This is not the end but it’s just the start of a long never-ending list of 10 craziest things that you can try in Bali by choosing our customized Bali packages. As a wise person once said, travel, because money will return but time won’t. Be a wise person and make your decision and travel with us and you won’t regret it.

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